Safire 3 Review: Why We Love Her

April 16, 2024

HeDid you know our Safire has been around for over 25 years? Now in its third evolution, the Safire 3 has been on the market for several years. It’s a parachute loved by many, but why? We asked two of our athletes what they like most about their Safire 3s. And what they don’t like. Two very different skydivers – Máté Feith is a tunnel flyer just starting his skydiving journey and Luca Sala is an experienced wingsuit pilot. Read on for their Safire 3 review.

Who is reviewing our Safire 3?

Máté Feith
Máté Feith was born in Budapest, Hungary where he currently resides. He began flying in the wind tunnel at the age of 10 and has since gone on to become the junior world champion at the age of 16. Having completed his AFF course in 2023, he has begun to hone his skills in the sky and spends his free time on DZ. Still young in the sport Máté looks to continue to build on his accomplishments and looking to the future has a goal to stay close to the sporting world as a sports diplomat or sports manager.


Luca Sala
I’m an Air Force Pilot who decided I was still spending too much time on the ground. I’ve been skydiving since 2015 and wingsuit flying since 2018 – I’m getting close to 1500 jumps. I’m pretty into going fast and far (a.k.a. WS Performance) as well as jumping from fixed objects such as mountains and whatnot.


What has been your canopy progression so far? And first impressions of Safire 3

From my 25th jump I switched from a 200 student canopy to a 170 canopy that I got from the DZ. Only after a lot more jumps did I switch to my current 150 Safire 3. I could only do that because I was around 55 kg at that time. I love the Safire 3, it is a really fun canopy to use.

I started skydiving with those huge canopies everybody loves to hate and from there I started going smaller and smaller with different canopies from different brands. My very first own canopy was a very (very) old 150sqft which I got for pretty much just “savin’ my life”. Yet I took advantage of every chance I got to try new wings and see how they handled. Then, after around 400 jumps I chose the Safire 3 as my first real skydiving canopy. And she’s been with me ever since!

Who is the canopy for?

I would say that the canopy can be for anyone from a beginner to a more experienced person depending on how it is loaded and controlled. It is easily controllable and is really responsive.

Everyone? Well, besides tandems, maybe. The Safire is fun to fly, easy to learn and with the proper wingloading she can be a perfect match for any kind of skydiver. And I can tell, I’m a wingsuit pilot!

Why do you choose to jump JYRO’s Safire 3 and what do you love most about it?

I started using the Safire 3 because it was suggested to me by my instructor. He is a very experienced skydiver and I trusted his decision. I definitely did not regret getting the Safire 3 because it is an amazing canopy to control and learn with! I love its responsiveness and how I can operate it with the harness alone!

I choose to jump the Safire 3 because she proved her value to me many times over the years.  And when I’m in freefall I never have to worry about how my canopy will behave. I love her consistency coupled with how easy it is to play with her!

Is there anything that you don’t like about the Safire 3?

At first I was confused as to why the canopy opened more slowly than others, but now it is only a positive! It is very soft and controlled, it stays on heading.

The fact that she makes me feel like every landing is sooo cool, but then the outside video usually reminds me it was just pretty basic stuff.

If the Safire 3 was a superhero, who would they be and why?

I would say the canopy is most like the Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff). She is precise, can be aggressive and can be gentle. She is good for most tasks and is really skilled at everything she is required in!

The S3 would definitely be Superman: Because it doesn’t matter which situation he’s facing, he’ll always get everything home safe… usually without anyone having a single scratch on them! Also that giant “S” on his chest surely is appropriate.



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