Skydiving Wing Loading Calculator
How to use Wing Loading Calculator
  1. Enter your exit weight
  2. Choose the size of canopy you are thinking about getting next. See your wing loading and the type of canopy we recommend.
  3. Or choose the desired wing loading for your next canopy, and see which canopies are available for that size.
What is the best canopy for you?
X axis (across): wing loading
Y axis (down): canopy size
* You have fallen outside our recommended wingloadings for our products. Please contact our experienced Sales Team to discuss your canopy options.
Still unsure what canopy is right for you?
Try our canopy selector tool
Have you fallen outside of our recommended wingloading? If no canopy is suggested, that may be the case. Contact our experienced sales team for options.
Suggestions and new ideas are welcome - simply contact us
This calculator is informational only. When choosing canopy, you must also take into account other important factors like canopy design, jump number etc
For more information on downsizing, see our the Downsizing Checklist on our blog
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