The JYRO Student canopy is a mistake-friendly, fun and forgiving wing, which allows for more consistent flying in all situations. And she’s built tough to withstand rough handling. Put your students on the most modern, reliable gear and watch them fly safer and progress faster. ZP construction, Vectran 750 lines, contrasting brake lines and alternating colour packing tabs optimize the JYRO Student for durability and ease of use. The long-lasting solution to your student kit.

canopy lead time: 22 weeks


The JYRO Student has a 9-cell planform and modern shaping that make her responsive and increases predictability and – voila! – a student canopy that students will actually enjoy flying.

This results in more confidence throughout the learning curve and unlocks faster progression.

Her flare is powerful and super forgiving to let new skydivers spend more time concentrating on progressing and less time with their faces embedded in the dirt.

The JYRO Student split colour lower surface makes it easy for whoever is counting canopies to see which ones they are. And it’s dead simple for instructors to check what way students are flying to give them radio commands.

When your students are packing the 50/50 colour scheme makes it glaringly obvious where the centre of the canopy is and where to start flaking – from the centre black cell to the outer black cell.


Flight Characteristics

They’re slow, soft and predictable. It’s big and square and it should be there…

Completely confidence building – you can expect the canopy to react slowly and predictably to each input your student makes.

Easy to master for the novice skydiver, with lots of range.

Stall Point
This canopy has a very low stall point, which is perfect for the beginner. It’s forgiving and easy to recover from.

Although aimed at the very beginner, this canopy has a lot to offer when progressing. Downsizing will feel easy and confidence inspiring. The JYRO Student will help your students find the flare point. Sharing a lot of similarities with the Safire 3, this wing is the perfect transition for your students onto their own canopy.

The JYRO Student has been designed to factor in the mistakes people make when learning. By giving you really big powerful brakes, your students will be able to slow down their descent at a comfortable pace, right to the tippy-toe landing. They’ll begin to find their confidence with it’s incredible flare…even when they don’t time it just right.


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Student Linemap

Pack Volume

This data has been gathered from the field and is a guide only. Packing technique, age of the canopy and container all have a part to play in whether a canopy will fit in your rig.

  1. Find your UPT / Javelin container size along the top of the chart (side if on mobile)
  2. The green section shows the size of JYRO Student that will comfortably fit in your rig.
  3. The white bands show sizes on the tight or loose side.

We are still gathering data to make these charts more accurate and plan to include other containers in the future.


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wingloading chart jyro canopies

Use our wingloading calculator to work out your wingload for JYRO canopies:

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