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Add a Squirrel SkySNATCH PC to your Kraken order for just $155 USD (normally $195 USD) using the code SKYSNATCH155 in your shopping cart.

The SkySNATCH by Squirrel is an evolution in pilot chute design. The three dimensional partial toroidal shape is the most technically advanced design being used in skydiving today. Simply put, the SkySNATCH is the most efficient and stable PC available.

The kill-line pilot chute system for skydiving comes standard with an 8′ bridle (from pin to PC attach-point, 11′ in total), attachment mallions, and a carbon fiber handle. The SkySnatch is designed to work with D-bags with a bottom grommet size of #4 or #5 only.

The SkySNATCH is constructed from ZP. It is currently available from JYRO in the following size/handle/colour configurations:

  • 30″ Six-gores with apex vent, kill-line bridle, carbon handle – Fluoro Yellow
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