Tandem Reline – HMA

Tandem Reline – HMA



JYRO Tandem reline – HMA

A full reline includes a new lineset and softlinks plus installation at our factory in New Zealand. You will be required to ship the canopy to us.

Shipping costs aren’t cheap, so if you live outside NZ and Australia we recommend you order a Tandem Lineset – HMA instead and find an JYRO approved rigger near you to install it.

There are two brake setting options available – 6&1 single toggle setup and 6&2 dual toggle setup.

Price includes canopy inspection, new lineset, softlinks, rigging and outwards shipment.

Helpful Links
Choosing the right line type
Tandem Brake Settings: 6&1 vs. 6&2
When is it time for a reline?
Checking lines for wear
Should you reline your canopy at the JYRO factory?
Lineset vs. Reline

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