Our JYRO RDS (Removable Deployment System) is available with our high performance canopies.

The RDS is a collaboration with ParaConcepts and based on their design, which we liked the best out of everything we tried. It comes with custom JYRO designed hardware.

It provides a system that lets you remove the slider, deployment bag and pilot chute after opening. It helps decrease drag, letting your Icarus canopy go faster and swoop longer. The RDS is compatible with both terminal and sub-terminal openings, and when operated correctly has a low malfunction rate.

You can use the RDS as a removable slider simply by not connecting the deployment system.

The JYRO RDS is available for the JFX 2, Leia, SLeia, Sofia and Petra plus legacy canopies JVX, JFX, FX and VX.

Helpful Links
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