The JYRO Leia is not a canopy built to the standards of a mere workhorse, but to the impossibly high standards of a modern competition canopy. From Leia’s sleek computer engineered 21-chamber design to her sexy airfoil and Vectran 400 lines, she is not just the world’s ultimate ZP canopy. She is your ultimate everyday swoop wing. The result? She’s soft where you want her and strong where you need her. A canopy that can be jumped anytime hassle-free and can also kick ass over the pond like nothing you’ve ever seen. Made for highly skilled pilots to fly with everyday, she is not a toy – she’s a weapon.

canopy lead time: 22 weeks


With advanced panel shaping and the latest generation planform initiated with Petra, the JYRO (previously Icarus Canopies by NZ Aerosports) Leia is the most modern wing you can buy short of a full comp-specific sail fabric parachute. Her high ellipticity, optimized wing tips and signature Powerband nose make for a leading edge that simply slices through air.

This new version of Leia comes standard with Hybrid Construction (sail ribs and crossbraces) and mini-ribs in the tail.

You can now have any colour you want for the Powerband, rather than just black. NOTE: Mini-ribs and patches come in the same colours as the Powerband choice.


Flight Characteristics

What can you expect when you fly your brand new JYRO Leia for the first time?
Wild, intoxicating flight, powerful swoops, and an infatuation that will last thousands of jumps. Expect to fall-in-love with this princess of a wing.

Who is Leia for?
Leia is what we classify as a hyper-performance canopy, a class above normal high performance crossbraced canopies. She’s a completely different animal than your JFX, JVX or Velo. She’s designed for pilots who already have lots of experience swooping small, highly loaded crossbraced wings. The Leia is NOT for students, low time jumpers, CRW jumpers, wingsuiters, classic accuracy, BASE-jumping or even as a first crossbraced canopy. Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

To order a Leia you must have:

  • 1500+ jumps
  • 500+ jumps on a crossbraced canopy at a 2.0wl or above
  • 250+ jumps (minimum) in the last 12 months
  • A reference from a coach or experienced competitive swooper

If you fall narrowly outside these minimums but have something else to take into consideration (i.e. high percentage of swoop specific coached jumps or lots of competition experience) let us know.

Am I ready for Leia?
Do you have a good coach? Does your coach say you are ready? Do you meet the requirements above?

Leia openings are soft and well-staged with excellent heading control.

Her toggles are highly responsive with light pressure.

Stall Point
Leia has a high stall point – recovery from a full stall should be done with caution.

Her rears are powerful with plenty of warning before stalling.

Light and give excellent feedback throughout use.

She’s a very high performance wing, very sensitive on roll axis and all inputs.

The Dive
She dives, and then some. She’s fast, sleek and steep.

The JYRO Leia has a very long recovery arc, and requires large input to recover from her dive. This is not a wing for the faint of heart.

Leia has a massive range with a very powerful flare, and light toggle pressure.


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Leia Linemap


Pack Volume

This data has been gathered from the field and is a guide only. Packing technique, age of the canopy and container all have a part to play in whether a canopy will fit in your rig.

  1. Find your UPT / Javelin container size along the top of the chart (side if on mobile)
  2. The green section shows the Leia size that will comfortably fit in your rig.
  3. The white sections show sizes on the tight or loose side.

We are still gathering data to make these charts more accurate and plan to include other containers in the future. If you have one of our Leia’s in your container and it is not listed on chart here, let us know at info@jyro.com

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wingloading chart jyro canopies

Use our wingloading calculator to work out your wingload for JYRO canopies: https://www.jyro.com/wing-loading-calculator/

Useful Help Centre Articles:
What is Wingloading?
Choosing a Canopy Based on Wingloading
JYRO Canopy Buyer’s Guide

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Reviews [13]

  • Ian-Isaiah

    Wow. What a canopy! Loving the transition from a JFX2 to Leia. Jumped other comparable wings from different manufacturers and the power in the rears and toggles just don’t compare. Super easy to fly the wing slow and steady or get it to dive if you want it to. Great all around canopy!!

  • JK (verified owner)

    After doing about 1400 jumps on JFX’s and JFX2 i finally took a mortgage and bought myself a cutom build Princess…
    Damn boy, should have done it sooner, she’s a bomb at 2.85WL! So far done around 400 jumps on her and no surprise i ordered another 2, just a bit smaller, a bit faster. 🙂 I may or may not have to sell kidney + rob a bank, but Princess is worth it. I use it every day for camera, AFF, fun jumps, pond.
    All round beast that drops panties! GO for it!!!

  • Blue

    The best high level all ’round canopy, in my opinion! Great, smooth, reliable openings, always on heading. I’ve had over 2000 jumps on the Laia, two 81’s and two 72’s, and it is without a doubt my favorite! 10 out of 10, would buy again. In fact, I just put in an order 5 minutes ago!

  • Stefan (verified owner)

    The most intuitive wing I have ever flown! Just think about a movement and the Leia will do it. There is no need to go for a hop and pop with the Leia – enjoy your freefall first – have a reliable soft opening and a great swoop afterwards. I just love it!

  • Dan

    Openings are incredibly consistent on heading and smooth jump after jump and then it keeps getting better. Super responsive and rolls around like a dream, can hang up forever coming back from a deep spot or put it into a dive and drop out the sky, it does everything! And of course it swoops great as well with lots of power in the rears and bottom end lift in the flair. By far the best everyday high performance canopy out there for the experienced cross braced pilot looking for that bit more performance!

  • Amy

    This canopy is a dream come true! I love everything about it! It opens great and it flies like a beast. I have 19 thousand jumps and I have been waiting for a canopy like this my entire skydive career.

  • Kim Bo

    Hands down the best wing ive ever flown! So intuitive! It truely feels like an extentions of your body. Super responsive in harness, rears will keep going for days! Dives like there’s no tomorrow. And dont worry about getting home from deep spots after being last out with a tandem.. Openings are second to none – copmpletely hassle free, soft and truely on heading – not “shakey shakey from side to side” in a surgey way. Just beautiful! Just ordered my 3rd one, and seriously cant wait!

  • Ryan

    Awesome canopy. This is my second leia. The mini ribs and whatever other improvements added from previous model is super noticeable in a good way. Responsive and kind of twitchy but only takes a few jumps to get used to. (If you can’t sort it out in a few jumps you probably shouldn’t be jumping one).
    Perfect front riser pressure, flares great and gives you nice long swoops. Have a love/hate relationship with freestyle and they love a good swim in the pond.
    You should definitely buy one.

  • Paulo

    Definitely this is the best wing I’ve ever flew!!
    I have already flown my canopy in various situations, a lot of wind, no wind, sea level, almost 4000 feet high, I’ve already opened my canopy VERY far from Dz and in all of these situations my canopy proved to be MUCH better than everything I had ever experienced before. The openings are also sooo good!! I have no words to describe this machine of fly!!
    I have almost 4000 jumps with this amazing canopy and I call him ( or her ) of #thepowerfull LEIA.

  • Riccardo

    I love so much the responsivity in every “axis” to my body position and my weight-distribution…and i love the continuous and dynamic feedback that this canopy give me..and for last but not for least..the feeling of speed and stiffness of the wing.

  • Brandon

    The Leia is everything I ever wanted in a canopy. I was looking for something I could use for everyday work jumps that had soft, reliable openings for when I’m doing video or AFF but still had that high performance feel and this is definitely it. Mad hookies for dayssssss! This thing swoops like a beast, it just keeps going and going.

  • Cory

    This thing is awesome. It has the responsiveness on all the controls that I want– harness, fronts rears, brakes. It can do all the things. In my experience, it surpasses the VK in efficiency. They got the shape of the wing right on this one. It also looks pretty AF.

  • Josiah

    Can’t help but have a huge grin on your face after flying this wing! The performance is best in class for every day jumping/training if you’re an experienced pilot. I love how responsive the roll axis is to harness input. She can fly slow and floaty in deep brakes from a long spot, or dive steep and streak across the ground from a big turn. Similar wings from other countries feel like you’re flying a minivan, while Leia is your agile and nimble motorcycle. The mini-ribs and sail internals give her incredible shut-down at the end of a long swoop. After more than 1500 jumps on Leia, I am still every bit as much in love with her as the first day I jumped this princess.

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