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Introducing the JYRO Lazy Lover: the dynamic successor to the JYRO student canopy, engineered to elevate safety standards and streamline instruction for dropzone owners and AFF instructors alike.

With the LZL, we delved deep into what new skydivers need in a parachute to level up their flight skills. The secret to evolving as a canopy pilot lies in safety and a confidence boost, so we crafted this wing to open softly and predictably (like clockwork), remain rock-solid (cue the confidence), and glide with control (turns so smooth, they’ll feel like a pro). In a nutshell, we’ve reinvented the student canopy game to fast-track skill development and squeeze every ounce of joy and that “F&%$ Yeah! feeling into your students’ first flights.

canopy lead time: 22 weeks


We started with a 9-cell planform and all the good stuff from the Safire 3, mixed in all we learned from the JYRO Student canopy, and made adjustments to help the wing perform beautifully at lighter wingloadings. With its centre-cell vent and beefed-up inlets and crossposts, expect openings that are reassuringly soft yet far from sluggish – perfect for rookies getting a handle on the sky. Our designers poured their knowledge of designing tried-and-tested well-loved sports canopies and record-breaking high-performance canopies, into creating the best student wing out there; ensuring your students’ first flights are not only safe, but also brimming with confidence and progression.

The low-down on the numbers:
Glide Ratio: 3.0-3.5
Aspect Ratio: 2.55
Taper Ratio: 0.8
Cells: 9
Wing loading Recommendation: 0.8-1.3


Center Cell Vent & NEW Slider Design
Our aim was to create a canopy to perform well at super light wingloadings. The centre vell vent and new slider design does just that – the starting point for confidence inspiring openings.

Larger Crossports & Inlets
Openings are the beginning of an AFF students’ canopy flight and sets them up for success. That first moment is key to them falling in love with flying, and to help them feel comfortable and confident in their first flights. The openings are reassuring – not so slow that it chews up height, but still soft.

Pack & Track Colour Scheme
The LZL keeps the Student canopy’s vibrant split colours. The dual-coloured lower surface and alternate coloured line tabs have invaluable educational value for pre-A-licence packing skills – they can quite literally pack-by colours. It also has the practical benefit of making the wing distinguishable from sports wings at a glance AND showing what direction it’s flying. Easy identification of students for AFF instructors on ground crew and radios.

Future Friendly Design:
We don’t believe only Petra pilots should benefit from high-end aerodynamic design. So we’ve elevated the idea of the Student Parachute to fit with JYRO’s modern canopy standard – using all the knowledge we gained developing our full spectrum of sports and high performance wings. The technology AND the feeling of flight under this wing is cutting edge, not out-dated. It will last your students well into the their canopy progression and set them up to safely fly the sports mains of today. Invest in excellence, set the safety standard, and keep students coming back for more. The LZL Lazy Lover is your ticket to optimized training experiences and happy students.

Investment Value:
The LZL is made from long-lasting ZP fabric and Vectran lines, as opposed to competitor wings made of less sturdy materials. Having modern student equipment will add value to your students’ flying experience and keep them coming back for more. Newer gear also means a higher level of safety and less maintenance costs – plus you are covered by our warranty. 

Flight Characteristics

Fly your students safely into their skydiving journey with the JYRO Lazy Lover Student parachute. Here’s what you can expect for your students flights on it:

They are soft but not slow – making the LZL even more reassuring and consistent than its counterparts. This is a canopy specifically designed for light wing loadings.

Full-on confidence boosting – anticipate smooth, deliberate responses to every command your students send its way. A breeze for beginner skydivers to get the hang of, with lots of range.

Stall Point
Super low stall point, a dream for beginners. Forgiving and easy to recover from.

The LZL has plenty of range, with a 3.0-3.5 glide ratio, they’ll be soaring back to their landing area. Despite its newbie tag, she’s also got a sense of fun and responsiveness – this canopy is designed to prepare your students for flying a sports wing as they level up. 

The Lazy Lover has been designed to anticipate standard AFF student blunders and mistakes – they are learning after all! It’s got them covered with a powerful flare, letting your students slow-mo their descent. It’s all about building their confidence from the get go, even if the timing’s a bit off.


Use our wing loading calculator to work out your wing load for JYRO canopies

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