Maximise the good times and minimize the risk with a super playful crossbraced wing that cranks the fun up to 11. The JYRO JFX 2 is the go-to canopy to start your swooping journey or do-it-all wing with power for days.Version 2.0 hasn’t been a radical redesign. She stays true to all the things you love, but now has all the kickass features you know and want: Powerband, mini-ribs and sail loaded ribs. Think crossbraced performance with Crossfire type ease. Cranking turns, raging swoops, gentle touchdowns…the JFX 2 can do it all and do it well.

canopy lead time: 22 weeks


The JFX was the last of our canopies to be designed purely by Jyro’s keen eye, 35+ years of experience and the inspiration of a few too many Heinekens. She was a new school wing done the old school way and like many classic things, she reeks of quality and reliability.

With the JYRO JFX 2 (previously Icarus Canopies by NZ Aerosports) we’ve added a touch of fancy parametric curves and French Aerodynamic genius to her already smooth openings and toe-dragging charm.

The result? Incredible aerodynamics, refined performance and uncompromising aesthetics.

She still reeks of quality and reliability, like all good classic things. But now she has the modern twist and computational fluid dynamic accomplishment you have grown to love in our new school of wings.


Flight Characteristics

What can you expect when you fly your brand new JYRO JFX 2 for the first time?
First time flying a crossbraced wing? Your shaking hands will be steadied by the most predictable opening you’ve ever experienced, intuitive flight characteristics and stacks of flare.

The JYRO (previously Icarus Canopies by NZ Aerosports) JFX2 is the smoothest transition to high performance wings. Loaded light or heavy she delivers consistently. If you’ve flown a JFX before you can expect a mix of the familiar with the new. The JFX 2 builds on all the positive vibes you got from your JFX, with the addition of more “energy”.

Who is the JFX 2 for?
The JYRO JFX 2 is perfect for experienced 9-cell elliptical pilots already pushing their wingloading on a non-crossbraced wing, who are looking for their first crossbraced canopy (with the supervision of a canopy coach) to expand their piloting skills safely. She’s a wonderful all-rounder that packs a serious punch for the weekend warrior, the team jumper, or the full time camera flyer.

Forget the stigma attached to crossbraced canopies – JFX 2 openings are predictable, soft and not scary! Reliable, consistent and stunning as always, openings are the ace card of this canopy.

Harness Inputs
Inputs are light and instinctive, and very responsive. She can be flown entirely on harness with ease – we actually prefer to fly a lot of harness with the JYRO JFX 2.

Powerful and responsive even at the bottom end – even more so than the original JFX.

Stall Point
The slow flight characteristics are hugely improved from the original JFX. The stall points is slower and lower – get plenty of feedback and warning, both on toggles and rears.

You can trust them! You feel very connected and it’s stable enough to give you fair warning before stalling. Rears are light and instinctive, the perfect option for long swoops.

Loaded high, lightly and even underloaded (light girls transitioning onto crossbraced wings, we feel your pain!), you’ll love the feedback of the JFX 2 fronts. You’re gonna need to slow the canopy down a little before your turn to reduce the pressure, but they are very effective for getting into the dive.

There is more than just a subtle improvement here – the wing feels fresh and re-energised. The JFX 2 is fun and predictable from opening to landing. Loaded lightly or highly you’ll never feel too far out of your comfort zone.

The dive on the JFX 2 is longer than the original JFX, but not as long as Leia. It’s easy to get this thing into a dive and maintain it. And with a slow, predictable (and easily adjustable) recovery arc, the JFX 2 is ideal to get those bigger rotations dialed in.

The bottom end flare is immense! Overall, the JFX 2 has more range and has the ability to fly slower – which means it stalls later, and has more flare. Trust us, you won’t feel like you’re lacking stopping power. Just another ace card retained (and improved) from the original JFX.


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JFX 2 linemap

Pack Volume

This data has been gathered from the field and is a guide only. Packing technique, age of the canopy and container all have a part to play in whether a canopy will fit in your rig.

  1. Find your UPT / Javelin container size along the top of the chart (side if on mobile)
  2. The green section shows the size of JFX2 that will comfortably fit in your rig.
  3. The white sections show sizes on the tight or loose side.

We are still gathering data to make these charts more accurate and plan to include other containers in the future. If you have one of our JFX2’s in your container and it is not listed on chart here, let us know at info@jyro.com

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Use our wingloading calculator to work out your wingload for JYRO canopies: https://www.jyro.com/wing-loading-calculator/

Useful Help Centre Articles:
What is Wingloading?
Choosing a Canopy Based on Wingloading
JYRO Canopy Buyer’s Guide

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Reviews [17]

  • Sam Borisov

    Openings are insanely good, 500 jumps and not even a line twist(knock on wood), the jfx2 seems to dive a bit longer and have some more roll that the jfx. Rears are powerful, fronts are moderately light, great canopy to push your swoop limits with and still have a little bit of grace and forgiveness. Also freestyle

  • Ian-Isaiah

    I absolutely love my JFX2-89! After doing a number of jumps on NZ’s major competitors equivalent canopy and HATING the openings, I went ahead and ordered my JFX2 because all of the reviews from people that fly this wing were amazing.

    After receiving my JFX2 and doing about 30 jumps on it so far, I can say they were all true! Not only does it open beautifully and on heading EVERY TIME but the flight is amazing! It can go as slow and flat as you want it or dive straight at the ground and then pull out with ease!

    I’m officially an NZ Aerosports fan boy! 🤪

  • Ed

    No matter if my skydive is a boon or a bust, I get to spread my JFX2 89 wings at the end of it and all is right with the world. Sublime openings and ridiculously fun to fly.

  • Casey

    I bought this canopy the day after demoing it – and I still am in love with it. The openings are so consistent, soft, and on heading (And my packjobs aren’t very neat). The glide ratio is great for AFF and Video, and when you want speed, it’s right there. Demo this canopy – you won’t want to fly anything else afterwards.

  • Michael

    I love flying my JFX2 104. At my age (69), I love the soft, on heading openings.

  • Nic

    I love this canopy!! Openings are ultra consistent, recovery arc isn’t too long or too short and plenty of power in the rears. This is everything you want out of a work canopy. I can’t recommend it enough! Seriously get a demo and try it. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Sarah

    Always look up to this amazing canopy with a big smile on my face after opening – so smooth and consistent. And I totally like the way it flies. It is my first JFX2 but it won‘t be the last

    • Jen

      Yay! That’s awesome Sarah, glad you are loving your new JFX2 🙂

  • Pierre

    Fun, powerful and reliable, here are the 3 words that best characterize the JFX 2.
    The JFX 2 has a nice opening, always clean, I love each jump with this baby, so if you hesitate, do not hesitate!!

  • Roy (verified owner)

    I just love the JFX(2), such an easy canopy where you can fly nice and calm, do straight in landings, or take it for a spin and swoop the pond 🙂 To me it is the perfect all round canopy, where I never need to worry about the reliability or performance. With the great openings, it a keeper… Enjoy the ride!

  • Travis

    As a team jumper I want a canopy that has reliable openings but is also fun to fly and that I can get a good swoop out of. The original JFX ticked all of these boxes but the JFX2 has taken them to the next level. I did about 1000 jumps on my original JFX canopies and loved every one of them, so was eager to get the JFX2. The openings are super reliable like the original but that’s where everything goes up a level. Even before releasing the breaks I can feel its far more responsive in the harness, making it far easier to fly and dive without using other inputs. The front risers are much lighter, but I still like to deload them a bit before a swoop. It also feels generally more responsive in toggles. The flare point was a little lower but was stronger when you hit it. Even just on a 90 front or riser turn found I could get quite a lot of speed out of it but can still shut it down when i wan to.

    If you’re on a current JFX or other crossbraced (other than a hyperperformance canopy like a Leia) then this is a no-brainer! Definitely a good canopy for team jumps, work jumpers and anyone else that wants to do some nice swoops. If you’re coming from a nine cell, at a lighter wing loading this is a great choice to enter the world of crossbraced!

  • Henrik

    So fun and powerfull! I´m having a blast with my JFX2, pushing it more and more every jump and loving it. I have been jumping Crossfire2, Crossfire 3 and a JFX before this and it feels so good. It´s better and just gives you more in every way compared to the JFX. Buy one!

  • Sofia

    The JFX2 is a logical step up coming from the Crossfire3. Giving you nice reliable openings and a fun responsive ride down to the ground. Whether you are just getting into high performance landing or you already doing it, the JFX2 is the canopy you want. I am super happy with mine coming from the previous JFX, NZA has managed to improve this model.

  • Chris

    Perfect high performance wing for the busy jumper wanting no hassle openings regardless of how rushed the packers are! An unmistakeable evolution from the original JFX and a worthy successor.

  • Dominic (verified owner)

    The “Trusty (High Performance) Workhorse”
    Jumping a JFX feels like going out with your best mate – you know he has your back.
    Consistent, soft, reliable on heading openings combined with all the crossbraced flight and landing performance make the JFX my number one choice for long days of team training and load organizing. Going back to back for days? This is your wing.

  • Peter

    Easy-to-handle all day every day fun-swoop canopy. I use it for Teamtraining, AFF, Video or just funjumps. Never had any issue with that baby in approx. 2500 on a JFX. No worries about openings or whatever makes your life in freefall much easier 🙂

    Thanks to NZA for your great work!

  • Crossfire 3
    we’ve got after parties and free shit