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Michael "Woody" Smart

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Name:Michael "Woody" Smart


Hello! I’ve been jumping for about 14 year and have around 3250 skydives and 650 BASE jumps. After starting out being super keen on free flying, I at some point many years ago watched a whole lot of wingsuit BASE videos on youtube while on acid and decided this is what I wanted to do. Since then I pretty much haven’t jumped without a wingsuit on. Last time I tried jumping without a wingsuit, I looked like a cross between a baby giraffe trying to walk, and a turtle stuck on its back. From XRW to flocking or free flying, I seriously still love wingsuiting. Coaching and load organising provides me with a perfect way to share with others all the mistakes and bad decisions I’ve made so that they don’t do the same.

Claims to fame

Have you met my wife? We claim to have the largest selection of ridiculous sunglasses and party hats.

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