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Simon Colmer

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Name:Simon Colmer


Simon Colmer is an Australian freefly coach, high performance canopy coach and competitive canopy pilot. He found his way to skydiving after snowboarding, racing motorbikes, and a plane accident. Flying has occupied his entire life for nearly 10 years with little room for much else. While freeflying was his entire passion for the first few years of skydiving, canopy piloting snuck into the picture with prompting from his good friend and mentor Darren Griggs. These days canopy piloting and XRW occupies most of his time and energy. Apart from flying, Simon is into retro video games, powerlifting, cooking and watching D grade horror films (they tend to be more funny than scary). If he doesn’t eat noodles or rice every few days he can get a little cranky (actually) so always suggest to go for some asian food (Simon is half Korean). In his nearly 3000 jumps he’s had time to think about what he wants to do and what he wants to leave behind… Go hard and lead by example, don’t be afraid to experiment and share information with anyone who seeks it, be safe and help others be as safe, lift others up so they can pass on the good will.

Claims to fame

2013 – Started Skydiving
2015 – Australian Freefly Coach
2017 – Australian Head Down record attempt
2018 – 2nd place Intermediate Australian Canopy Piloting Championships
2018 – Board of Directors for Australian Parachute Federation
2019 – 11th place Australian Canopy Piloting Championships
2019 – Australian Canopy Coach
2019 – 84th place FAI Canopy Piloting World Cup
2020 – 1st place Open Kapow Kup
2020 – Australian High Performance Canopy Coach
2021 – First XRW dock

Simon Flies

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