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Robin Jandle

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Name:Robin Jandle


Robin Jandle is 31 years old and currently a full-time videographer at Skydive Hawaii. She grew up in Massachusetts and Southern California, but after 12 years living in Hawaii she’s happy to call the North Shore of Oahu home. Skydive Hawaii is her home dropzone. This is where she did her first tandem in 2010, AFF, and now has over 6,000 skydives. She has plans of making the US team, the World Cup in South Africa, and participating in a freestyle event, as well as travelling and help facilitate canopy courses for sport and military jumpers. She enjoys the beach, traveling, English football, NHL hockey, aged whiskey, rock ‘n roll, and 98% of everything she owns is black. Boats and the open ocean is her kryptonite.

Claims to fame

NZ Aerosports, Tonfly, and SSK Industries, inc.

3rd place 2018 FLCPA meet #5 intermediate, 4th overall for the FLCPA 2018 intermediate season, 2018 PRO card, Top 10 USPA Canopy Piloting Nationals 2016 am class, Sunpath Open 2015 am class with 4th overall.

USPA National and Florida state women’s carving speed record of 2.213 seconds on April 21, 2018 at Skydive City.

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