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Riccardo Simoncini

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Name:Riccardo Simoncini


Riccardo is a skydiver to the bone, for him it is always time to feed skydiving in some way, preferably by jumping or flying dynamic in tunnel, but also by organising and planning when it is not possible to fly. He has been in the sport since 2002 with an always-increasing passion and involvement for skydiving. He is also an electronic engineer, passionate about motors and mechanics, with a background in motorcycling racing before skydiving entirely filled his mind and his time. He carries out freefly organising and coaching and load organising activities with crazy assiduity, with a strong dominance of tracking and movement, grouping and coordinating flyers every week without rest. His commitment to communicating and sharing feelings and technical ideas related to skydive is constant inside and outside the DZ, and 4 years ago he founded RSfly FreeFly, oriented to coaching and load organising.

Sponsored by the world’s leading skydiving equipment brands:
NZ Aerosports – Cypres – L&B UPT Vector – TonFly

Proud NZ Aerosports Athlete and Leia lover

Claims to fame

FreeFly Italian Championship 2007: 1st place

FreeFly Italian Championship 2008: 1st place

FreeFly World Championship 2008: 9th place

FreeFly Italian Championship 2009: 1st place

FreeFly World Cup 2009:  7th place

Italian Head Down Formation Record 2016 30 way: Participant

Italian Head Up Formation Record 2017 18 way: Organiser and Participant

Italian Head Down Formation Record 2022 32 way: Organiser and Participant

Organiser and LO of tons of events in Italy as RSfly FreeFly

Riccardo Flies

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