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Red Bull Skydive Team

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Name:Red Bull Skydive Team
Discipline:XRW, Freeflying, Canopy Piloting


The Red Bull Skydive Team consists of four athletes; Max Manow, Felix Seifert, Marco Fuerst and Marco Waltenspiel. They all come from a different background in the sport and together form a magical and badass unit of four amazing flying friends!
You’ll spot them doing showjumps and demos, load organizing, doing special stunt projects and competing around the world. They like to think of themselves as a multi discipline team. Although each member specializes in a different area of the sport, they all try to remain current and active in most disciplines. BASE, Canopy Piloting, Wingsuiting, Freeflying, XRW, tunnel, you name it, they do it – and love it.

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