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Petter Mazzetta

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Name:Petter Mazzetta
Discipline:Freeflying, Tunnel, Canopy Piloting, Wingsuiting


With 19 years in the sport of skydiving, Petter is now mastering the chosen disciplines of wingsuit flying, tunnel flying, B.A.S.E jumping and canopy piloting, he organizes and coaches at events all over the world.

He has collaborated with some of the most elite, high-visibility extrem sport athletes, participated in multiple records and represented Sweden in international competitions.

Through private coaching, event organizing, movie projects, competition and demonstration skydives, Petter has wide-reaching influence not only within different extreme sports, as well as on those outside the scene through social media.

Number Of Jumps
Total: 8000+
• Wingsuit/Freefly – 5000
• B.A.S.E. – 200
• Camera/Video – 2000
• Tandem – 800

Hours In Wind Tunnel
Total: +5000 h

• Sweden D-17628 PRO, Jump Master, Tandem, Demo
• USPA D-31997 Coach
• USPA 262995 Tandem-1, AFF-1

Claims to fame

Medals And Awards 
• Gold 2013, 2012, 2010, and 2009 Swedish Nationals in Freefly, 
• Gold 2009 Swedish Nationals in VRW. 
• Silver – 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2011 Swedish Nationals in Freefly. 
• 2012 Coldsteel Award (presented annually in Sweden to people, teams, organizations or projects that have made outstanding contributions or effort within skydiving and/or BASE-jumping. 

• European Vertical Record 96-way 
• Vertical World Record 138-way 
• Biggest Vertical Formation Ever Built 142-way 
• European Vertical Record 80-way 
• Nordic Vertical Record 39-way 
• Swedish Vertical Record 17-way 
• California State Vertical Record 58-way 

Competitions & Invitationals 
•RedBull Aces 2015, 6th place 
•RedBull Aces 2016, 10th place 
•Renegade Meet (experimental stunt jumping) 2013 
•Voss Valhalla wind tunnel comp 2013 
•Battle of Bottrop wind tunnel comp 2012 
•Opened and trained instructors, Voss Vind tunnel 2012 
•World Meet 2012 and 2010, Swedish National Freefly Team 
•Nordic Meet (experimental stunt jumping)2012, 2011, and 2010 
•Lodi Sequentials (Vertical formation skydiving) 2011 
•Wind Tunnel Instructor Training, Bottrop 2010 
•Free B.A.S.E. 2009 (First freefly formations from cliffs in the world) 
and 2010 with the Soul Flyers

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