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Paulo Pires

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Name:Paulo Pires


I started skydiving as a hobby 12 years ago, and over the years this sport became my life, the skydive have changed my routine, my life…including my family and friends.
I’m a guy who loves the life that I have, I love my family, my friends and this incredible sport called Skydive. Life is short, don’t waste your time. I’m enjoying my life as much as I can.
I am always looking to contribute to the growth and development of our sport, especially here in South America, I am one of the creators and organizers of the South American records of head down and head up, I’m also one of the organizers of the Brazilian records of head down and head up. Now I am helping my Paraguayan friends to organize the Paraguayan record of head down.
In the next attempt to the Brazilian record of head down and head up I will have the pleasure of having my oldest son flying and trying to achieve this collective goal with me. Life is short, but it’s incredible… I’m a lucky guy!!
Personal information

Paulo Pires – 41 years old

* Country : Brazil
* Home Dz: Boituva
* FlyOn Freefly Team – coach
* Jumps : 5700+
* Tunnel time : 70hours
* Sponsored by the world’s leading skydiving equipment brands ( NZaerosports – Cypress -L&B – UPT Vector – Boogieman Suits – Skydive4fun )
* Proud NZ Aerosports Athlete

Claims to fame

  • Organizer of the South American Record of Head Down and Head up
  • Organizer of the Brazilian record of head down and head up
  • Organizer and LO of many events in Brazil and South American
  • Camera flyer at many events in Brazil and South America
  • Participation in several events of dynamic, vertical and sequential flight in the world
  • Canopy Pilot of high performance canopies
  • Third place in the distance modality of the Latin American Cup of Swoop 2017
  • Tunnel flyer
  • Load organizer at the largest South American training camp – Space Invaders 2015/16/17/18/19
  • Participation in the world record attempts – 200 way
  • Camera flyer of the last 2 Fly4life – Chile 2015/16
  • Load Organizer of Ethernal Fly Camp in the last 5 years ( largest event of freely in South America )
  • Load Organizer at Fun Sky boogie 2016 in La Cumbre – Argentina
  • Creator, organizer and one of the Load Organizer of Brazil’s largest freefly event – Brave Heart

Paulo Flies

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