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Noah Bahnson

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Name:Noah Bahnson
Discipline:Freefly, Wingsuiting, Canopy Piloting, BASE, Stunt


Pilot, Skydiver, Stunt man, recovering BASE jumping addict. A kind of jack of all trades, master of most, Noah has a legendary reputation in the skydiving world for being, well, just plain awesome…at most things he does, and just in general as a human being.

Whether it’s freefly organising at boogies, wingsuit coaching, jumping off a cliff, shredding in a swoop freestyle comp or flying you somewhere in a plane, he’s sure to leave you wondering who the hell he is (because he won’t tell you!) and a smile on your face.

Claims to fame

1st Place Red Bull Aces 2016. Arizona, USA 

1st Place WWL Wingsuit World Championship 2015. Zhangjiajie, China 

1st Place Swoop Challenge Freestyle Championships 2015. Copenhagen, Denmark 

2nd Place Red Bull Aces 2015. California, USA 

2nd Place Red Bull Aces 2014. California, USA 

2nd Place WWL Wingsuit World Championships 2013. Zhangjiajie, China 

3rd Place ProBase World Cup U-Turn Wingsuit Race 2013. Kjerag, Norway 

2nd Place ProBase World Cup Wingsuit Finals 2013. Stechelberg, Switzerland 

2nd Place Overall ProBase World Cup Tour 2013

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