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Max Lesziak

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Name:Max Lesziak


Max has been traveling the world with skydiving for the last 8 years, working as an instructor and parachute rigger in North and South America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. He currently calls Skydive Dubai home. His main interests in skydiving are swoop freestyle, flying wingsuits, CRW and aerial photography.

When he’s not at the Dropzone, you can find him playing with parachutes in the mountains BASE jumping, paragliding or speedflying. As long as he’s under nylon and strings, he’s having a great time! Outside of parachute sports, you will often find him playing board games and video games in his down time.

His secret recipe for a long and fruitful skydiving career? Never stop seeking knowledge and never stop improving your skills. There’s always something new to learn and something (everything) to get better at!

Claims to fame

2016 US Wingsuit Nationals
  • 1st place Acrobatic Wingsuit Flying (Team Bonzai)
  • 6th place Performance Flying
2022 FAI World Championships of Canopy Piloting
  • 10th place in Distance, flying Leia
  • 10th place in Freestyle

Max Flies

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