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Mattia Fenati

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Name:Mattia Fenati


Hey Guys I’m Mattia, but friends call me Mat. I’m a multipurpose athlete with 4000+ jumps and I am an instructor of the Italian skydiving school, Skydive Pull Out of Ravenna, with different ratings (ENAC, USPA). I train dozens of Italian and foreign students all year round.

Canopy Piloting has been my profession for several years. Since 2012 I have participated in both national and international competitions and tournaments including the DISL (Dubai International Swoop League), FLCPA (Florida Canopy Piloting Association), and as an athlete representative of the Italian national team I participated at FAI World Cup and World Championships. I currently organize Canopy Courses throughout the country for my Canopy Piloting Academy.

Between swoop jumps I enjoy wingsuiting as a creative way to have fun with friends. Over the years, however, I have also taken this discipline seriously and I began to train assiduously by participating in various competitions and championships. In both 2014 and 2015 I won the Italian WS Performance Competition Intermediate category and then finished 5th the following year in the Open category.

I currently organize wingsuit courses by issuing the “First Flight Certificate” which is a qualification required in Italy in order to start using the wingsuit.

Safety First! For the last three years I’m a ST&A for the USPA and I take care of planning safety seminars on various topics, then send reports and analyzes to the USA. Since 2017 I have been activated by ENAC as a technician, together with other wingsuit instructors, to define and regulate the use of Wingsuits in Italy.

Take a look at my Instagram and Facebook profile where I used to post pictures and stories about me and my sponsors – NZAerosports, Tonfly, Intrudair, Vigil, Parachute Systems.

Claims to fame

In 2015 I set the Italian record in Distance discipline (Canopy Piloting)

In 2016 I ranked 3rd in the Italian Canopy Piloting Championship

In 2017 I finished 4th and I won the Italian Swoop Freestyle Tour and won the Italian Swoop Meet

In May 2018 at the Italian Canopy Piloting Championship, I finished 3rd

In June 2018, during the International Canopy Piloting Competition (ICPC2018) held in Ravenna, I achieved 3rd place overall

In July 2018 at the 7th FAI WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Wroclaw, Poland, I finished 21st overall and 15th in the Freestyle Event.

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