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Máté Feith

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Name:Máté Feith


Máté Feith was born in Budapest, Hungary where he currently resides. Máté began flying in the wind tunnel at the age of 10 and has since gone on to become the junior world champion at the age of 16. Having completed his AFF course in 2023, he has begun to hone his skills in the sky and spends his free time on DZ. Still young in the sport Máté looks to continue to build on his accomplishments and looking to the future has a goal to stay close to the sporting world as a sports diplomat or sports manager.

Claims to fame

4th FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships 2023 – 1st place Solo Freestyle Junior

Tyler Baird “Peter Pan” Trophy 2023

Hungarian Skydiving Association – Junior Athlete of the Year Award 2022

Hungarian Olympic Committee – Fair Play Award 2022

The Wind Games 2020 – 3rd place Solo Freestyle Junior

Máté Flies

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