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Mason Corby

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Name:Mason Corby
Discipline:Freefly, Tunnel


Mason Corby is the founder and face of Australian Downunder Dynamics events.

He’s been jumping for 12 years, has over 6000+ jumps and loves all types of skydiving but specialises in freefly coaching (sky and tunnel)

After 3 years full time in the tunnel he ventured back into the sky in 2016 and have been loving it again ever since.

Claims to fame

-Vertical World record 164 way 
-4 way atmonauti record, 14 points 
-4 way dynamic, tunnel, southernfly (1x 1st, 2x 3rd) 
-Silver Australian freestyle 
-Gold Australian speed 
-Vertical record Australia 
-Various skydive events, Downunder dynamics

Mason Flies

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