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Lawrence Fansa

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Name:Lawrence Fansa
Country:United Kingdom


Lawrence is happiest with any shape of nylon over his head, from his awesome Leia to his speedwings, paragliders and kite surfing kites. He’s been airborne for around 20 years and likes nothing more than sharing his knowledge with his air and water students or paragliding tandem passengers. His main focus within skydiving has been with the UPT Mutant container and progressing with his swooping and loves a good flock. He’s a British Skydiving Freefly and Canopy coach and can be found coaching at various DZ’s around the UK and Europe.

He’s recently joined the FlySafe Canopy school team as one of their canopy coaches but competitions aren’t really his thing, he gets more kicks out of seeing a student land well or them nailing a move in the sky. His biggest dislike is ego, ‘Stay humble, keep learning, keep charging but go fast as f**k when you can’.

Claims to fame

FlySafe Canopy coach

British Skydiving FF coach

British Skydiving CP coach

BHPA Paragliding pilot and tandem rated pilot

IKO Kite Surfing instructor and kite school owner

2017 Silver National FF Portuguese medalist

Lawrence Flies

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