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Kian Bullock

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Name:Kian Bullock
Discipline:Cameraflyer, Videographer


Skydiving photographer and videographer Kian Bullock was born in New Zealand and is now based in Brisbane, Australia – and was a dressage photographer before taking his cameras to the skies around Australia and the world! Introverted Ki’s least favourite subject is himself, but we managed to pull a few fun facts in a similar method to pulling teeth. Apart from being a badass skydiving photographer with a Sony Award to prove it, he owns and operates a construction and a change company and is getting a mental health startup off the ground. He spent 11 years in the Australian Army, completed an Engineering Degree & Masters, then moved to Europe to start up power stations. Over-achiever, say whhaattt! He loves long walks in the mountains, BASE, and looooves a good sunrise or sunset skydive. He’s constantly chasing the light and looking for the next image that is unique and different.

Claims to fame

Awards: 1st place | Sony Alpha Sports Award in 2018 |
Cameras: Sony A7riii, GoPro sessions and a Sony FDRX3000 |
Lens of choice is the 35mm CZ lens

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