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Jokke Sommer

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Name:Jokke Sommer
Discipline:BASE, Wingsuiting, Freeflying


Jokke Sommer is a multi extremesports athlete who specializes in Wingsuit terrain flying, BASE jumping, Skydiving and Speedriding. Besides being among the best in WS Base, Jokke has trained himself to surf big waves, which he now spends time in Nazare Portugal to become better at. Jokke`s career has been growing every year since his YouTube breakthrough in 2011. He produced several self-made projects for Red Bull, starred in multiple TV shows over 6 seasons, as well as being a stuntman in various commercials for big brands. Besides being a professional athlete and stuntman, he is also doing motivational speeches from time to time, while now diving into the world of blogging. Jokke`s personality is what makes him a good human. His positivity is contagious and he will always meet you with a hug rather than a handshake. He is outgoing and very open in any social setting, welcoming fans or anyone who wants to steal his attention. Jokke`s focus during his 10 years of traveling has been to stay grounded and humble, while strengthening his social intelligence to be able to fit into any group or situation. Jokke`s strengths are mainly his mind and reaction time while flying technical lines in the mountains, but his ability to spread positivity and love to everyone around himself is why people like him.

Jokke Flies

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