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Jeff Provenzano

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Name:Jeff Provenzano
Discipline:Freefly, Wingsuiting, Canopy Piloting, Stunt


Jeffro is a professional skydiver and BASE jumper. Originally from NY, Provenzano graduated from The School of Visual Arts in NYC, in 1998. He has completed over 19,000 skydives and holds both National and World Titles, as well as multiple World Records. In addition to cutting edge competitive performances, Provenzano has worked as a stuntman for Hollywood feature films, tv shows, and commercials. He is a Tier One US Military Trainer, as well as a coach to hundreds of students, including professional athletes and celebrities, such as the Crown Prince of Dubai. Currently based out of New York and Arizona, Provenzano lives an active lifestyle, which includes Yoga, Running, Swimming and Strength Training.

Claims to fame

Skydiving Accomplishments: 
-Total Skydives 19,000+
-7 World Records
-Pro Swoop Tour Champion
-Pond Swoop National Champion (4x)
-United States Canopy Piloting Team Member 2003-2006
-Pioneer of Freestyle Canopy Piloting
– Official USPA Skydiving Certifications:
AFF Instructor, Tandem Instructor,Pro Exhibition Skydiver

Recent Notable Skydiving Competitions:
-Gold iFly Oceanside Indoor Skydiving 2018
-Silver iFly Phoenix Indoor Skydiving 2017
-Silver iFly Tampa Indoor Skydiving 2017
-Gold Dubai World Cup Freestyle Champion 2011
-Silver Dubai World Cup Canopy Piloting Team 2011
-World Cup Champion of VRW 2008
-National Champion of VRW 2008
2007 National and International Competitions Results:
11 Gold Medals and 1 Bronze Medal
2006 National and International Competitions Results:
3 Gold Medals,1 Silver Medals and 2 Bronze Medals

Production Stuntwork
-Aerial Stunt Coordinator and Stuntman for Seal Team CBS 2017
-Shell Oil Commercial 2016
-NVIDIA Commercial 2015
-Red Bull’s Chain Reaction 2015
-Godzilla 2014
-Iron Man 3
-Top Gear USA, TV Show ( 4 episodes)
-Silencerco Commercial (2 videos)
-Audi Car Commercial
-Toyota Car Commercial
-Infiniti Car Commercial
-Blue Man Group Las Vegas
-Verizon 4G Nationwide Commercial
-Advance Auto Parts Nationwide Commercial
-Top Gear Korea, TV Show
-Guitar Hero 5, Commercial
-Running With The Bulls, Bollywood Movie Stunt Double

Skydiving Stunts Specialties
-Hidden parachutes
-Freefall with Cars
-Landing fast parachute in moving cars, jetskis, motorcycles etc.
-Burning Parachutes
-Pyro Jumps
-Destroyed parachutes
-Freefall with Props
-Intentional cutaways
-Intentional malfunctions
-Freefall Riding bathroom set, poker table, bike, keg,
-Highest altitude skydive 26,000k

Jeff Flies

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