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NMP Pch HayaBusa

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Name:NMP Pch HayaBusa


Belgian 4-way FS team NMP PCH HayaBusa are the Belgium National 4-way team and current World Champions in Formation Skydiving.
They fly their Princess Leia canopies and she has been treating them very nicely they say! She is tame when they want her to be but when they are up for some playing around, she knows how to give them a good time.
Let’s not write a whole book and just say that the champs love Icarus Canopies!!

Team Members:
Jeroen Nollet (Tail)
Dennis Praet (Point)
Andy Grauwels (Outside Center)
David Grauwels (Inside Center)
Luc Van Britsom (Camera)

NMP Pch Flies

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