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Stéphane HERMENT Gymnasky

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Name:Stéphane HERMENT Gymnasky


GYMNASKY has been a Freestyle team since 2009…

Team members:
Stéphane HERMENT (performer since 2009)
Grégory MAGAL (videographer since 2020)

Stéphane likes acrobatic sports. Before starting skydiving in 2004 he practiced gymnastics for 27 years (1981-2008).
His motto: Age is just a number, stay young and play sports as long as possible 🙂

Grégory loves skateboarding, wakeboarding and of course skydiving. He started skydiving in 2004 and he was a member of the France VRV team from 2014 to 2016. He won the first indoor skydiving World Championship and the European skydiving Championship in 2015.
Now competing as a videographer for the Freestyle team GYMNASKY, he is ready to win many more medals 🙂

Grégory and Stéphane love the NZaerosports canopies with which they have been flying for many years. Grégory, since 2009 and Stéphane, since 2012.

Grégory canopy’s : JVX 69
Stéphane canopy’s : JFX2 84

Claims to fame

World Championship

2016: 4th (for Slovakia)


World Cup

2017: silver medal (for Slovakia)

2013: bronze medal (for France)


European championship

2017: silver medal (for Slovakia)


French Championship

2 gold medals

6 bronze medals

Stéphane HERMENT Flies

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