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Gonçalo Resende

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Name:Gonçalo Resende


Gonçalo was introduced to the sport right when he was born. He’s always been on dropzones and grew up among parachutes and jump planes. When he was 12 he started packing parachutes and editing tandem videos to make money for a digital SLR and lenses that helped fuel his love for photography. When he finished his AFF he started a journey with a goal to become a world class skydiver. He relearned everything he knew about body flight from ground/wind tunnel experience and set out to learn as much as he could as well and as consistently as he could. One of his projects is the Frickflyers freefly team, a junior freefly team where he is the team leader, performer and coach. His main fascination is with no doubt Canopy Piloting though – he confesses to love everything about it and wants to take his Petra to as many comps as he can and maybe one day even make the podium at a world meet. He loves photography, videography, skiing, downhill mtb, motorcycles and fast parachutes. Oh and most of all he loves everything with an Icarus Canopies logo on it!

Claims to fame

  • 3rd place at “13th Portuguese Freefly Cup – Part 1/3”
  • 2nd place at “15th Portuguese FS4 Cup – Part 2/3”
  • 3rd place at “37th Portuguese FS4 Nationals”
  • 3rd place at “15th Portuguese FS4 Cup – Part 3/3”
  • 2nd place at “14th Portuguese Freefly Cup – Part 1/3”
  • 2nd place at “14th Portuguese Freefly Nationals”
  • 2nd place at “16th Portuguese FS4 Cup – Part 3/3”
  • 14th place at “Pink Canopy Piloting Open 2020”
  • Atmonauti Instructor – Master Navigator no54
  • Handi Fly 19 International Challenge
  • Youngest Icarus Athlete
  • Youngest Petra Pilot
  • USPA AFF Instructor at 18 years old

Gonçalo Flies

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