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Team Focus

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Name:Team Focus


Focus is the Australian VFS team, together since 2015. If you add up all our individual jumps it’s over 30,000, and our combined tunnel hours would be 2000+. We have put their lives on hold over the last few years, pursuing VFS with relentless passion and dedication, hoping to catch the untouchable professional teams from USA and Europe.

Focus consists of:

Kyle Chick: Team Captain, tail.
Tim Golsby-Smith: inside centre
Scott Hiscoe: outside entre
Jimmy Cooper: point
Mark Gazely: camera
Kim Hopwood: Alternate

Claims to fame

The team achieved a bronze medal at the 2018 WPC, with a 17.1 average at the 2018 nationals, and a 24.8 average at the 2018 indoor nationals, putting more points on the board than every other discipline including open FS. They are 4 times Australian indoor and outdoor champions and are going for gold at the World Parachute Championships in 2020.

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