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Debra Brown

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Name:Debra Brown


Debra aka Big D found skydiving while living in Hawaii, it was on sale that weekend so why not? Coming from a snowboard/surf background it fit right in with her choice hobbies. Immediately enthralled after jump #1, returned two days later for AFF and has been jumping full force for the last seven years. Still young in the sport with 5,500 jumps, but eager and hungry as ever. She spent several years earning her keep in military parachuting before retrieving AFF & tandem ratings, doing stunt work for film and commercial in between. When she’s not doing AFF, tandems, or flying camera, her choice jumps are angles with a sprinkle of dynamic. Movement is always the answer! As an Asian-American woman, she’s eager to keep promoting diversity in this sport, still an uncommon sight on your average dropzone.

Still in love with the sport, and the addictive flow state skydiving offers, she is not planning on slowing down anytime soon. On the horizon for Deb is competition, travel, learning VFS, and a lot of owed beers.

Claims to fame

Cadillac commercial China
WIX.com x Jesse Weyer (YouTube) commercial
Postmates commercial
Warner Bros Japan movie “Way to find the best life”

Debra Flies

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