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David Ludvik

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Name:David Ludvik
Discipline:Canopy Piloting


I started skydiving in July of 1999. It started off as a static line jump with a few friends, but after a few weekends of bad weather they chickened out and dad stepped up. I bought it for him as a father/son birthday adventure. We made our first 200+ jumps together. In 2003 I lost my dad to the sport. The week following the accident held a tough decision, whether I would continue skydiving or not. I realized however, that skydiving was in my blood and knowing him, he would’ve been angry if I stopped because of his accident. In the nearly 20 years of jumping I have made almost 18,000 skydives all around the world. I’m a former member of the Skydive Dubai Swoop Team. I currently work full time in the sport competing and teaching others not only how to fly both their body and canopy, but how to teach skydiving to others. I love what I do and I love giving back to the sport that has been such a big part of who I am.

Claims to fame

World records: 
69 way head-down WR
108 way head-down WR

Guinness WR: 
-Worlds largest flag flown while skydiving 4885.65 sq Meters
-Most jumpers to jump from a hot air balloon
-Most fliers in a tunnel 26

2017 World champion of swoop freestyle (1st ever)
2015 Swoop Challenge 3rd
2015 Austria Nationals 1st (guest)
2006 Canopy Piloting Circuit Champion
2006 FLCPA Season 2nd overall

David Flies

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