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Dan Guest

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Name:Dan Guest
Country:United Kingdom


Current teams – Omni99 VFS and Omni Freefly

My parents met on a DZ so I was born into the lifestyle and immediately hooked after my AFF jumping and travelling as much as I could. I’ve always been quite competitive so quickly fell into putting a team together to do a head up only category in Freefly. Since then I’ve competed a lot in 2/4 way Dynamic in the tunnel and multiple disciplines in the sky, I like to mix it up a lot so focus changes year to year as to which discipline. I’ve always enjoyed learning about canopy flight and did a couple of fun CP competitions. I then got to put a jump on a friends Petra, instantly fell in love and spent a couple years focusing on hop’n’pops and swooping and have been flying all things NZ Aerosports since!

Claims to fame

11 x UK National Champion (6x VFS, 3x Freestyle, 1x FreeFly, 1x CP)

European and World Cup Bronze medal (Freestyle)

World Championship Silver medal (Freestyle)

Current UK, European and World Head Down record holder

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