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Chris Stewart

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Name:Chris Stewart
Country:New Zealand


Born and raised in New Zealand, Stewy began Skydiving in April of 2008 at the NZ Skydiving School. Shortly after he moved to Australia to work, and from there never looked back. He began traveling to jump all over the world. His main focus throughout his career has been canopy based. Whether it be swooping in a comp, flying down a mountain side or pushing with XRW, it is still where his passion lies. Flying his canopy is what makes him love skydiving so much and why he wants to continue to push his own limits and what’s possible within the sport.

Claims to fame

  • 8500+jumps
  • Former New Zealand speed record of 2.225s
  • Former New Zealand distance record 164m
  • Member of Team Onecall 2014-2017
  • SwoopFreestyle 2015-2019
  • FAI current world ranking 12th

Chris Flies

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