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Brandon Johnson

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Name:Brandon Johnson


Brandon Johnson a.k.a FlyingJohnson a.k.a Will Smith’s “unofficial stunt double” hails from the great country of Texas. He is a 33 year old professional fun haver who accidentally became a professional skydive instructor/load organizer. With 7 years in the sport and just shy of 10,000 jumps, it’s safe to say he lives and breathes skydiving.

Brandon first took interest in the sky as a young kid after watching Top Gun and getting hooked on the need for speed. Ever since then he’s had his eye to the sky, dreaming of being a pilot and being in the sky. Though never getting around to actually getting his pilots license, he enlisted in the U.S Air Force which eventually led to him moving to Kuwait where he stumbled upon wingsuit videos on YouTube and decided that was something he had to try. Next thing you know, he was in Dubai doing his AFF and it’s been full power nonstop ever since then.

Working in the sport was never on his radar until he got fired from his job for calling in sick to go skydive one too many times. Next thing you know he was slangin drogues and delivering dreams. Although tandems and video pay the bills, he spends equally as much time organizing, fun jumping and going to skills camps and soaking up every bit of knowledge he can.

His main disciplines consist of dynamic angles and movement jumps, Freeflying, Wingsuiting and Canopy piloting. Always striving to fly smoother and fly faster, aiming for perfection through progression.

As one of the few African American skydivers in our community, he is actively working to promote diversity and inclusion in the sport through representation. His goal is to inspire and bring skydiving into the aspirations of more people of color both in person and though social media.

Claims to fame

4th place VFS – Wind Games 2020

Unofficial World Record- largest formation in wind tunnel (30 way head down, 30 way head up and 30 way belly) at Clymb, Abu Dhabi

Took Will Smith on a tandem

Stunt double in upcoming Netflix film 2022

Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Jordan campaign

Champion x Skydive collaboration

Brandon Flies

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