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Blue Pelican

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Name:Blue Pelican


Blue Pelican is the Norwegian national VFS team. The team is 6 years in the making and have already shown they mean business, coming in on a third and second place in the European Skydiving Championship and a 5th place in the World Championship. They have a new line up as of 2019, consisting of three new members to the team. They are Derek Broughton (six years on the team), Sondre Tømmervold (four years on the team), Øyvind Nyberg, Kristian Osther and Vegard Larsen. They’ve set a four-year plan and they are aiming high, with podium fight already in the 2020 World Championship. Next up is European championship on one of their home dropzones, the beautiful Skydive Voss! The team is now all indoor skydiving instructors and they are training hard in an 8.5 ft tunnel, would you believe it?! Despite its size, it’s actually the most powerful tunnel in Norway!

Claims to fame

3rd European Championship
3rd World Cup
2nd European Championship
5th World Championship Australia

Highest Norwegian (Nordic as well) VFS score on one round
Highest Norwegian (Nordic as well) VFS average
Highest Norwegian (Nordic as well) indoor skydiving VFS score on one round and average

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