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Block Party

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Name:Block Party


The team was pieced together by Dan Smith (ex-Team Focus) as he saw potential in the flying ability of James, Nathan and Jonno (no longer a member), and recognized that all three would fly well as a team. Dan connected the 3 and then invited Ben to join the others for a fly in the tunnel one evening. After a few evenings of flying, Dan recommended making this official and for a team, with the goal of competing in the 2018 indoor nationals. Due to outside commitments, the team invited Nathan’s brother to step into the team as Jonno is starting a family. Ben’s career as a skydiving coach, has really started to take flight so he has opted to take a step back, and thus we have invited Danielle (Doni) into the team. Doni is a full-time tunnel instructor and current HU world record holder. Wanting to step away from VFS to focus on canopy flying after the 2022 Nationals Doni Stepped down from the team. Luke, who was flying with another team, was given the invitation to come and train with us, and since May 2022 it’s only been an upward journey.

James Garner (outside Centre) 1200 Jumps, 100 tunnel hrs
Luke Rogerson (inside centre) 750 Jumps, 1000 plus tunnel hrs
Nathan Ravenscroft (trail) 1100 Jumps, 100 tunnel hrs
Andrew Ravenscroft (point) 800 Jumps, 80 tunnel hrs
Greg Whitehead (Camera) 500 Jumps, 350 tunnel hrs

Claims to fame

  • 2018 National Indoor advanced winners – 15-point average
  • 2018 NSW State advanced winners – 5.5-point average
  • 2019 Australian National advanced winners – 8-point average
  • 2019 National indoor open 2nd place – 16-point average
  • 2020 Australian National open 2nd place – 10-point average
  • 2021 Australian National open 2nd place – 10-point average (reduce the gap between us and 1st place from 2020)
  • All members were selected (2 attended) the Vertical World Record
  • 2022 Australian Indoor National open 1st place – 17.5 average

Block Flies

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