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Abdulaziz Alawadhi

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Name:Abdulaziz Alawadhi


Abdulaziz Alawadhi is from Kuwait and began his skydiving journey in 2016. He has been on the Kuwait 4-way FS team and has also be involved in freefly national records. However his passion in the sport is now with canopy pilotig. Having been coached by some of the worlds best pilots he has now competed in Europe and the USA, most notably in the US Nationals where he competed in the beginner class to claim second overall.

Claims to fame

Kuwait 4 way FS Team

Kuwait 10 way HD National Record

2023 USPA Nationals Beginner Class – 1st Accuracy

2023 USPA Nationals Beginner Class – 2nd Speed

2023 USPA Nationals Beginner Class – 2nd Overall

Abdulaziz Flies

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