Kraken Pack Volume

The Kraken packs about 15% smaller than a 9-cell non-crossbraced canopy like Safire 3 or Crossfire 3. This means you can pack at least 1 standard size up in the same container.

The Crossfire 3 and Safire 3 may typically be found in your container manufacturer’s sizing charts, which you may use as a reference for what size Kraken will fit in your container.

The Kraken’s fit to your container will depend on many other things such as how tight your previous canopy was in the container, packing skills, how old each canopy is, etc., so please take the information above as a general rule of thumb!

Table for reference:

S3/C3   Kraken
169       189
149       169
139       149
129       139
119       129
109       119

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