Demo Program

We launched our JYRO (previously Icarus Canopies) demo program 2017, starting with demo tours in the USA and Europe. We are currently planning our 2023 tours – tour dates and calendar of events coming soon!

Industry demo

An exciting new development – now you have the chance to demo JYRO Tandem and Student canopies at your own dropzone.

JYRO (previously Icarus Canopies by NZ Aerosports) launched its first demo canopy program during 2017. We started from a couple of demo tours in the USA and in Europe, driving around with a fleet of demo canopies across the continents! Outside those tours, we continue to operate our demo canopy program with a few select demo partners globally. 

We are sure our canopies have got what you’re looking for, and that we can find you a wing that you’ll love! Read on for more information about where, when and how to demo our canopies. Check out our calendar of events to find demo program events that suit your location and schedule. Or use the enquiry form to get in touch with our sales team about getting on a demo canopy of your choice. 

In our JYRO demo program, we offer five different sport canopies ranging from beginners to the advanced expert. The JYRO Safire 3 is the most modern all-rounder on the market, suitable from the beginner to an intermediate jumper. The JYRO Crossfire 3 is fun 9-cell sports machine for those who are ready to step it up a notch and keep their flight devoted to having fun. The JYRO Kraken is ideal for wingsuiters and it will excite even the most experienced pilots. With the playful crossbreed JYRO JFX 2 you can maximise the good times while still minimising the risk.  And finally, the JYRO Leia – a computer engineered 21-chamber princess who will kick ass over the pond or be hassle-free for the everyday flight for a highly skilled pilot. Each canopy model is available in a range of sizes for the most appropriate match to a demo customer’s experience level and wing load. 

Are you a dropzone operator? We also have industry demo canopies available for those of you who want to know exactly what the JYRO Tandem and JYRO Student canopies have to offer. Try out these reliable and durable companions made with long-lasting craftsmanship, and see for yourself!

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