Weatherhold Woogie 2020 | Part 1 Videos

April 9, 2020

We’re all in the same position across the globe for the first time ever, but who says we shouldn’t be entertained during that time! The very real likelihood of suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms means we need to keep skydiving in our life in whatever form we can, so we have come up with a Woogie – an online “Web Boogie” with webinars, challenges, live streams, insta takeovers, blog posts and much more. All those wet weather activities that are normally undertaken at the DZ, can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your own “Rotonda de Sofa”! Here’s a compilation of the video material from Part 1 of our Weatherhold Woogie 2020.

NZ Aerosports’ (now JYRO) first ever Woogie!

Woogie Webinars for all

Quarantine & Chill

We had our coffees and beers over a relaxed Quarantine & Chill session w/ Chris, Max, Tom & Matt. And because it was so much fun the first time, we did it again the following week! Follow the guys on Instagram and see what else they have been getting up to during the lockdown: Chris, Max, Tom & Matt.


Mason & Headup for dayzzzzzzz

Aussie legend Mason Corby gave us a talk about all things HU tracking! We got so many questions during the webinar that right away we decided to do a Vol2 as well! Check out his Facebook page Downunder Dynamics.

Icarus (now JYRO) Testies Webinar

The Chrisssss answered many questions and talked about all things test jumping. Like always, we totally ran out of time but there’s more to come!

Matt, Nic & wingsuiting

These two legends have so much to offer to the WS community! Check out the recording and stay tuned for Vol2 after Easter! Subscribe to The Matt & Nic Show on YouTube for more shenanigans.

Karine, Greg & all things French

Greg and Karine are total badasses. We had a great convo with them about preparing for competition and bigways. If you are just getting into competitions or you’re experienced – they will have some great tips for you! And head to their Airwax Instagram account for some of the best skydiving content in the world!

All Things Hayabusa

We caught up with Dennis, Michele and David from the Belgium 4-way team Hayabusa about their best tips for training, team history, and team member initiation rituals. Love 4-way? Hayabusa posts regularly to their Instagram account and it is well worth the follow. Vol2 coming up in Woogie part 2!

Quaran-team live streams and insta takeovers by our Testies

Maria & Shan hopped on FB live for a bit but due to technical issues you got them in true Isolationship style: one by one #techstrugglers #lol
Watch Maria’s live recording here & Watch Shannon’s live recording here.

Testie Chris Stewart answered all the very serious questions submitted on Instagram, like why he is such a legend, whether or not he likes pineapple on pizza (I mean it’s a total deal maker/breaker right?!) and if life is better as a Chris (it is).

The Testies wrote more diary entries…

Just because the World stops, doesn’t mean RnD has to. The Icarus (now JYRO) Testies – one step ahead. And if that doesn’t ‘wet your whistle’, have a read of what we’ll be getting up to when we are back jumping again.

Have a watch party… or 3

Decompress and decontaminate with our Weatherhold Movie Night!

We’ve compiled our pick of 18 best Skydive short films into a playlist for your enjoyment and to deal with the worst Sky withdrawals. From “Slow is Fast” to “Against the Grain” and “Flock and Flow”, we’ve got you sorted.


Peace and Love. Woogie, Woogie, Out.


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