Why Does Luci Martyn Fly The Safire 3?

April 26, 2024

Luci Martyn. What does the daughter of the man who designed and made some of the best parachutes in the world choose to jump? Our all-rounder, made by skydivers, for skydivers – the Safire 3. It’s the perfect choice for our Director as she’s a busy lady and doesn’t always find time to get out to the DZ. Plus, NZ summers aren’t exactly synonymous with good weather. So why does Luci Martyn fly the Safire 3? Read on to find out.

Tell us a bit about yourself

Kia Ora, I am Luci and I live in New Zealand. I grew up on dropzones and in the factory and have always been surrounded by amazing people from various backgrounds.
My job is being the Director of JYRO, and I am so grateful I got this opportunity to continue my dad’s work and work with amazing people for a great community that knows how to have a great time.
I love travelling all over our world, but nothing beats a kiwi summer. In summer I attend a range of music festivals and explore more corners of our beautiful country. I am curious and creative and love meeting new people.


What is your canopy flying experience?

Previously I was so nervous flying my canopy. My first 100 jumps I did at over 10 drop zones which didn’t give me much consistency in gear and location and it completely knocked my confidence in canopy flight.

The silver lining of this though, I got to jump a wide range of parachutes, from different eras (sheesh), and jump numbers. I have had my Safire 3 for over 300 jumps now  and now I feel so  confident under my canopy. Actually now, flying my parachute is my favourite bit of the skydive.

Is there anything you don’t like about your Safire 3?

When it is new, it is slippery, and there is a lot of fabric and I have quite weak hands. Packing technique is something to learn here! But also….. Watch this space, we have something brewing for my weak-handed pals 😉

Do you notice a difference to your Safire 2?

On my very first jump I noticed how buttery soft that opening was. It felt like I was being gently tilted from horizontal to vertical by the skygod himself.

After my awe of being touched by skygod, I immediately noticed more control over the canopy than previously and a lot more POP on my flare.

Who is the Safire 3 suitable for in your opinion?

So many people!

  • Any new skydiver looking for their first parachute
  • Someone who is not a confident canopy pilot yet
  • Someone who has a busy life and can’t keep current all the time
  • Or someone looking for a more leisurely paced canopy ride

The Safire 3 is a fantastic parachute to take you from beginner to intermediate. As it still has enough room to learn new skills and keep it fun.

I genuinely have so much fun on this canopy and now have confidence when un-current or learning new skills in the sky. Thanks to our incredible team at JYRO 😀


What’s the main benefit to you personally about flying a Safire 3 over other parachutes?

I don’t think I would be able to give you an unbiased opinion since I back JYRO and our products all the way. But I will say, firstly, owning your first parachute that you can jump repeatedly is the best. No matter what, you learn a lot faster having your own gear rather than using the DZ’s hired gear. Secondly, if getting a new parachute is an option for you, do it. New fabric, and modern designs really do make the difference, even on the most docile parachutes on the market.

Also, my parachute is so goddam pretty. I call her my unicorn. It was my first custom parachute and I have been designing it since I was very little (back then it was full neon pink). So BEHOLD; my unicorn. Hehe.

Whatever first canopy you choose, I hope you find absolute joy in your canopy flight 😀 It is epic.



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