Weatherhold Woogie 2020: Part 2 Videos

September 22, 2020

Back in March & April (was that this year? We can’t remember…) we decided to hold the first ever Woogie (an online web boogie) to give all you skydivers something to occupy those endless quarantine days. We had webinars, challenges, live streams, insta takeovers, blog posts and more. If you want to see the video material from Part 1 of our Weatherhold Woogie, head here. Otherwise, check out below for Part 2 videos. Woogie woogie.



Weatherhold Woogie | Catching up with Roy Janssen


We chatted with Roy about coaching, mental prep, distraction control and more! We had so much to talk about, we recorded another webinar with Roy. Head to the bottom of the blog to watch it 🙂




Catching up with AK from AWOL


We chatted with AK from AWOL about all things free flying, meditation, and more! You guys had so many questions about meditation that we asked AK to write a blog article about it. We would highly recommend meditation as a weatherhold activity! Have a read for 5 ways meditation can be valuable in skydiving.




Catching up with Project 19


We chatted with Amy, Sara, Anna, Sharon, Jill and Shayni from Project19 about all things records and women. Staying current the way we can during the global weatherhold. Chur ladies 🙂




Mason & Headup4dayz Vol. 3


Join JYRO Athlete (Previously Icarus Athlete) Mason for another session down the headup rabbithole! If you missed the first two volumes, head here to check them out. Sooooo much information. One my even say information for dayz 😉




Matt, Nic & Wingsuiting Part 2


Join Matt and Nic as they have a chat about wingsuiting and progression of the sport! We also have a review of our Kraken (our wingsuit specific canopy that both these guys jump).




Weatherhold Q & A with Hayabusa Vol. 2


This time we chatted with Dennis, Jeroen and Andy about team training tips and tricks! Their first webinar was all about the history of the team and can be watched here.




Rafael Schwaiger ‘Tunnel Flying (and his prestigious modelling career)


Join #IJYROAthlete, tunnel coach, World Champion freestyler and rumoured Abercrombie & Fitch model Rafael Schwaiger as he talks about tunnel flying, his modelling career and how nudity changed his life in skydiving…. Next time during a weatherhold, go check out your nearest tunnel and up your skills!




CRW with Jules McConnel


Join the Aussie legend Jules McConnel as she talks CRW safety, being on the Canopy Formation World record and what it took to complete 150 jumps in half a day!




Roy Janssen Vol. 2


This session was the BOMB! We finished off our weatherhold woogie with Roy: he talks about training for peak performance, from goal setting to training, prep and competition. Amazing stuff!




And that’s a wrap for our Weatherhold Woogie 2020




The Woogie was a great success and we had over 500 participants from all over the world joining the experience. Thank you! Below you’ll find a sweet little wrap up of all things Woogie.

It was an epic Weatherhold Woogie and the first of it’s kind! You can always count on JYRO (Previously NZ Aerosports) to push the boundaries of our sport – even if it doesn’t involve any jumping!

We brought you a 24 hour Dance party and the recordings are still findable on FB! Get your boogie on in your lounge room or jump up and down on your bed to some rad beats.. We won’t judge!

We made a compilation of our favourite 18 Skydive minimovies. Something to relieve those freefall and canopyflight withdrawals when you’re alone – or create a watch party with your mates online!

We also put together a playlist of our previous Facebook live videos with the JYRO (Previously Icarus) Testies! Educate yourself from a 25 jump check to packing tips and more.


“We must remain strong in the these tough times, for there is light, and beer at the end of the tunnel.” – Chris Stewart, JYRO Test Jumper


Need we say more.



Keep safe, enjoy those blue skies and see you again


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