SLeia Review: Why I Can’t Live Without My Queen

David Lang
September 12, 2023

In the realm of the sky, where it’s pure wild flight,
Soon returns a legend, dark as the night,
With heavy metal spirit, she takes to the air,
A limited edition, a treasure so rare.

Returning to fulfil every swoopers desire,
But with only 69 she’ll be tough to acquire.
As the Queen returns in her glorious prime,
Get on your knees as it’s for a short time

Her fabric – rigid and stiff, stands firm and bold.
Defying the winds, a sight to behold,
She soars with the rebels, defying the norm,
A queen ready to embrace every storm.

Seize the moment, don’t miss the chance,
This queen’s reign will be a fleeting glance.
She’s bold and she’s powerful right to the core
Queen SLeia is back and ready for more.

Who have we asked to review our Queen SLeia?

David Lang is a JYRO athlete and all round badass. Originally a US military kid, he spent most of his time growing up between Colorado and Nebraska.

It was in 2014, while attending college at the University of Nebraska, his skydiving journey began at Lincoln Sport Parachute Club in Weeping Water. Just 3 years after starting the sport, in 2017, David began coaching and load organising.

Since then he has continued to spread his sky ninja skills and passion for the sport at camps and boogies all over the world, having amassed over 4000 jumps. But it was in 2019 he found true love within the sport when he managed to get his hands on a barely used SLeia.

Entrusted by the previous owner with this powerful queen, he was hooked immediately. It had everything he loved about his previous wings, plus all the shit they were missing. His love for SLeia is so strong that he created the petition to bring her back into this world for a second reign.

It’s because of that petition and this legend that the Queen is coming back for more, so if you see David on the DZ and you’ve ordered a SLeia, be sure to give him a crisp high 5 or even shout him a refreshing beverage to say thanks for making it happen!

If you could describe SLeia in three words, what would they be?

“Ride or Die”

What is it about Queen SLeia that you can’t live without?

The range! This weapon has everything you need to swoop your @$$ off, but also has the range to bump uglies with 1.2-1.5 WL non cross braced wings. Its long range capabilities are second to none with the sail material and efficient design, frequently covering more distance than lighter loaded, less aggressively designed wings.

What’s the sweetest or most romantic moment you’ve shared with your SLeia?

A sunset jump over the Maldives in 2019. She keeps bugging me, asking when we’re going somewhere so nice again.

If your SLeia relationship was based on a movie, what genre would it be, and who would play you and your SLeia?

I think they already made one… Genre: Dystopian romance between man and machine. Me: Joaquin Phoenix. SLEIA 69: Scarlett Johansson.

If you could go on a dream date with your SLeia, what would it entail?

Inhops in the mountainous terrain of Europe. Maybe lose our passports and end up stuck in Europe. Live happily ever after. You know. Normal everyday stuff.

What are some of the little quirks or habits your SLeia has that you find endearing? (i.e. what do you like most about her)

I LOVE her openings. Slow enough to be gentle, not too quick leaving you sore from no foreplay. Buttery smooth and consistently on heading. I also love her ability to be patient and wait in deep breaks for the geriatrics and influencers spiralling their toggle turns through the holding area. Her range (again), even in her old age, she rages harder than a “hybrid” filly fresh out of the factory. And lastly, I love who she is, a strong, independent woman who commands attention and devotion in the harness.

Are there any habits that you don’t like about your SLeia?

Her habit of disappearing for a few years at a time 😉

What skydivers would match with Queen SLeia?

Anyone from the weekend warrior to full time skydivers would be right at home connected at the hip to this beauty, seriously. Any experienced cross braced canopy pilot who wants the full spectrum of power that the ultra class 9-cell competition wings offer, with the beautiful shape and practicality of the 7-cell high performance wings on the market today.

Those looking for a canopy that has range to beat the longest spots back to the dropzone, even at 2.8-3.0+ WL, but still have the unmatched power and efficiency of a sail wing to turn in the harness once you make it back to the LZ. I highly recommend it to those who are looking for that last little edge that makes you wanna immediately tie off for another dose of this mean, lean flying machine.

SLeia has returned

Order your very own Queen SLeia here. She’s only back for a limited number, so get in quick before she’s gone forever.


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