Safire 3 vs Sabre 3: A Canopy Comparison Guide

April 10, 2024

Choosing the right beginner skydiving canopy is crucial. You must invest in a wing that will keep you safe and give you confidence to try new things and progress your canopy flight skills. That starts with doing your research. In this article, we’ll compare the Safire 3 vs. Sabre 3 using our expertise and knowledge on canopy design, all the information we collected from the world wide web, and what customers had to say about them. And, you know,  science and magic and stuff.

Safire 3 vs. Sabre 3: Overview

It’s hard to compare two skydiving canopies without knowing what each has to offer. Let’s dive into what each wing offers, based on user reviews and manufacturer details.

Who is the Safire 3 for?

The Safire planform has been a staple beginner skydiver wing-of-choice since its conception in 1999. The Safire 3 was inspired by its predecessor, the Safire 2 (released in 2001), and utilised the high performance canopy design breakthroughs of the early 2010s to make many improvements.

“Everyone…? Well, besides Tandems, maybe. The Safire is FUN to fly, EASY to learn and with the proper wingloading she can be a perfect match for any kind of Skydiver.  And I can tell: I’m a Wingsuit Pilot..!” – LUCA SALA, JYRO ATHLETE

Who is the Sabre 3 for?

The Sabre has built a great reputation as a beginner canopy since its first release as the Sabre 1 in 1990.  Performance Designs followed this up with the Sabre 2 in 2001 and the Sabre 3 in 2020. They enhanced the best parts of the legacy wing to produce the Sabre 3.

“Based on my experience under the wing, I can say that this can be a perfect beginner wing to learn flare technique if you fly bigger sizes and a low wingloading. It can also be a great wing to learn how to swoop if you fly the smaller sizes.” – MARTIN LEMAY, PD ATHLETE

Safire 3 vs. Sabre 3: Innovation

Canopy design is constantly evolving, as is the way we fly canopies, and the expectations from the market. Manufacturers must innovate in tandem with these changes to meet pilots’ needs, or risk losing them.

Let’s compare these two canopies’ innovation and future outlook. Product direction is the outlook of a manufacturer’s product evolution, including future design development, frequency of updates, and how well they innovate to continue meeting customers’ needs.

Safire 3: Leading in Innovation

Offering a wing from 99sft all the way to 229sft (and any size in between), this parachute caters to not just those starting off in the sport, but also keeps it fun for those progressing their canopy skills. Using science and engineering theory, JYRO’s R&D team introduced the parts that made Petra such an innovative canopy into the design of the Safire 3.

“Every element, from the nose design to the crossports to the brake configuration has been designed to enhance each other for maximum efficiency and responsiveness – a perfect example of the magic that happens when you combine five years of research and development with state of the art techniques and design tools.”

By continuing to invest in research and development, JYRO prioritises new features and new design principles and is always pushing forward to the next thing.

“I’ve done around 700 jumps on a Safire 3 (139, 129 and brand new 119) and haven’t been let down at all. Its perfect for fun jumping and even better for camera flying with consistently soft and unbelievable on-heading openings (I never believed in this before my Safire 3) no matter how much I may sometimes ‘pack it in a rush’. If I had to describe it in one word it would be reliable and thats why I love flying it and will continue to do so!” – EMILY, JYRO CUSTOMER

Sabre 3: Building on Success

The Sabre wing has always been a popular canopy amongst the skydiving community. And with such a strong following, why not use that to your advantage? PD have done just that. After gathering and reviewing feedback from their customers, they have taken the best features and put them into the Sabre 3. And not just that. They worked on either reducing or eliminating the parts that weren’t favoured.

“The Sabre3 is not only worthy of the name, it redefines it. This new wing exemplifies PD’s continued passion to build the next greatest all around 9-cell modern canopy, one which is sure to excite anyone who flies it, and truly amaze those new to the brand. One flight proves it: it’s not just a new wing, it’s a better wing.”

Drawing from 40 years of experience, PD refines their designs and enhances features that make their designs so popular.

“The opening was smooth but particularly I feel like there is no question about it.There was no sense of what was going to happen.There was a positive sense of confidence through the opening that it was going to open well and on heading without question.” – STEVEN F., PD CUSTOMER


Safire 3 vs Sabre 3: FAQs

Which canopy is better: Safire 3 or Sabre 3?

You are the expert in where you are at and what you want in your wing. As are your instructors and coaches! You, together with them, can work out what wing will best meet your needs using the information we’ve shared.

We’re confident in the Safire 3’s ability to deliver wonderful soft openings, safe, fun flight characteristics, and a ride to the ground that can be as fun or as progressive as you want as a beginner to intermediate pilot. Or an experienced skydiver who just wants to chill out with a confidence-inspiring but responsive ride back to earth side. The reviews from our satisfied customer base are proof.

PD would say the same about their Sabre 3! And so would their customers. It’s a canopy that has been described by their athletes and customers as a dynamic wing that is fun to fly, has a good strong flare and is the perfect all-rounder. Especially for the beginner skydiver.

Of course, we’re biased! If it were up to us we’d choose the Safire 3 every time. But you make up your own mind – we want every skydiver to love the wing they choose.

Can you demo a Safire 3 and Sabre 3?

Safire 3:
Absolutely! We believe in our wing but we know some people wanna try before they buy and get a feel for it. We have demo canopies in Australia, USA and Europe.


If you can’t get to one of our demo events, in the US it’s $100usd to get a demo wing sent to you to try. You can keep it for 2 weekends, and if you order a canopy from JYRO you get your $100usd demo cost off your canopy purchase.


We now also have demos available in Europe! We have partnered with Westsky GmbH in Austria to bring our European customers our canopies to try before they buy.


For those in Australia, head to our Facebook group for information about the events. Our Reps are travelling all over Aussie with our canopies.


Sabre 3:
Performance Designs offer a wonderful demo program in the US & Europe. They also run a demo tour in both continents. You can get updates on their socials for the latest news, dates and events they will be attending.

Head to their website for more information or to book a demo! All you need is to cover the cost of shipping and insurance.


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