NZ Aerosports. Icarus Canopies. Now JYRO

May 8, 2023

WE’VE REBRANDED! We’re just JYRO now.

JYRO is the next generation of NZ Aerosports. It honours our founder, Paul ‘Jyro’ Martyn, of course, because it was the name we all knew him by. But JYRO also marks the start of a new chapter. Our next jump.

When we decided to change our name to JYRO we put some time into figuring out what it meant to us – we wanted it to represent the duality of life in the air, the contrast of Jyro’s unique personality, and our view on the world. The rush, and the peace. The scientific, and the creative. This is what we came up with:

JYRO is the space between sound and silence, art and science, chaos and calm. JYRO is a state of epic tranquillity that transcends understanding. It’s that moment – in the door, in freefall, mid-swoop – where nothing but the present exists: a perfect balance of euphoria and thrill.

1. VERB. To Jump Your Ring Out (JYRO).
2. ADJECTIVE. A feeling of epic tranquility. Existing in a state of limitless, wild freedom.

We’re stoked to be on this next adventure. It’s exciting – and we feel like we’re more us than ever. Keep reading to find all about our roots, the origins of the name, the new logo, and what’s next!


“I was 19, broke, unemployed and sold my girlfriend’s canopy for errr, let’s say party supplies… so I thought I better sew her a new one!” What a sentence! What a story. This describes our humble yet outrageous beginnings, in the words of our founder himself, Paul ‘Jyro’ Martyn.

From getting a paratrooper toy from his Mum, watching parachutes at the DZ as a 6yo, jumping off the wharf with a parachute made from bedsheets, doing his first jump at 16, sewing his first canopy on a borrowed sewing machine at 19, and starting to sell canopies out of a garage in 1986 – Jyro had an undying love for the sky.


You’re probably wondering, how did Paul get the name Jyro?! It’s an acronym for JUMP YOUR RING OUT. He initially used it for his JYRO Jumpsuits company – tagline “jumpsuits so ugly you can’t help but love them!” – then when he made his first canopy he labelled it JYRO Experimental. Eventually it was just Jyro. When the brand transformed into NZ Aerosports and ICARUS Canopies, Jyro was left as his nickname, and he was known as that forever more.

Jyro. NZ Aerosports. Icarus Canopies. JYRO. It all started with one man with the wildest of spirits and a true blue sky dream. A renegade. In the time that he ran this company, he pushed everything he had to its limits. We miss him – and we always will.

Now you know the root of the name. So why go back to it? When we decided to rebrand, it came up and immediately we knew it was the only choice that made sense. To come full circle. Back to our roots. And back to our future.

We knew we needed to create a vibrant brand identity around this free spirit. A kaleidoscope of beauty, flight and positive energy. Our goal was  to capture the JYRO brand in a way that calls to flyers and awakens the love of flight that lives in every one of us.

The result? JYRO the brand is in many ways like Jyro the man. A mix of science and art, innovation and fun. But it’s more than that. It captures a passion for flying and our commitment to designing break-the-fucking-rules canopies that defy the physics of flying to deliver pilots pure, wild flight.  An unfiltered, unadulterated love for wild flying adventures. Heart-racing, sphincter-closing, mouth-dry undiluted excitement…

The JYRO Logo

This JYRO logo is a custom crafted ambigram – which means it can be flipped and still read the same! This play on orientation works both practically and conceptually – which is so damn cool. When printed on a canopy the name is readable from both directions, while also mimicking the feeling of disorientation and euphoria when in flight. Distinctive and unique, this logo holds a sense of courage and play while also being clever in its form – echoing the Jyro personality traits of creativity and courage as well as tapping into the JYRO feeling of limitless freedom.

jyro green logo

Be radically authentic, be up for an adventure

Our promise to you – we design and make the canopies that take you right to the edge of your world. Because that’s where the Fuck Yeah! moments live.

Others have tried to copy us. Some even claimed names that sounded mighty bloody familiar. But there’s a drive and a passion to our radically authentic way of doing shit that others can’t touch. We live up in the blue. We never back down from being ourselves. We follow our dreams, passions and the line we want to fly on our canopy, in business and in life. We’re always looking for the fun to be had.

If you’re always on the hunt for your next adventure, your next trip, your next challenge, we’re for you.  If you take nothing but flight all too seriously, have an irreverent zest for life and aren’t put off by a little swearing and dirty words, you’re our people. If you just love the feeling of the purest, wildest flight and want to join a community of other who feel the same – we’re for you.

We want JYRO to call those who are searching for a space to be their true selves. And we invite you to come and have fun and celebrate pure wild flight with us. Fly your line, your way, on your wing and in life.

Be together, be the best, be a fucking renegade

JYRO is a community. We flirt with boundaries, which is why we welcome everyone who feels at home with no limits. Our fetish is flight. Because flight is sexy. It’s beautiful and it’s captivating and it’s wild. We share the love – with our pilots, our athletes, all cultures, colours and genders, all canopy types… Maybe you’ve only done one jump. Maybe you’re a seasoned pilot. Maybe you’re an adventurer, wanderer, or a weekend warrior. Perhaps you’re an athlete, even a world champion. Welcome.

Staying one step ahead and being just fucking excellent at everything we do gets us up in the morning. As Jyro himself would say, “Let’s conquer the world”. That drive has seen us set world records and make history, create classic canopies like the Crossfire and Safire, and breakthroughs like the Petra that have introduced pilots everywhere to the hyper performance wing.

In the years ahead, JYRO will push all of us to new places. Sky down. Ground up. Our goal is to redefine where and what it means to fly. To find the purest, wildest flight. If there’s a way to use a wing to make the most of gravity, we’ll find it.


Jump Your Ring Out.

Fuck Yeah!

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