JYRO Beginner Series: Videos

January 20, 2021

For all our baby skydivers out there, this one’s for you. The JYRO (previously NZ Aerosports) Beginner Series will be going through some of the common things we learn when we start out, with some helpful tips and tricks from our Testies. We’ve produced 8 easy to watch videos that takes you through some of the basics of skydiving. From how to daisy chain your canopy all the way to improving your openings. Even if you aren’t a beginner skydiver, you may still find some useful tips in the videos. 



The Beginner Series | How to daisy chain


In our first episode Stewy takes us through daisy chaining our canopy and why it’s useful. It can be a tricky skill to pick up when you’re a beginner skydiver! Anyone else remember watching their instructor daisy chain their canopy when you first started skydiving? And then trying to work out how they did this magical trick? Honestly, it’s a mind F$%k until you get it!



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The Beginner Series | How to stow your brakes


In this episode Stewy takes us through stowing your brakes correctly and securely and also some common mistakes to look out for.

Why a whole video on it? Well, for those of you that do the hard yards learning to pack for your A license and then promptly forget it all and pay for a packer, this one’s for you. FYI, no judgement from us if that’s you. Packing is tough, especially when you are trying to cram in as many jumps as you can in a day. If you’ve got the extra dollars to spend (not reserved for jump tickets), do it! It gives you that extra time for dirt diving, debriefing, rehydrating, grabbing a bite to eat. It’s also probably paying for your packer’s dinner that night…



Useful Links

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The Beginner Series | How and why to untwist your brakes


Dan the Man from the NZA Quality Control department shows us how and why we untwist those pesky five-hundred-million twists in our brake-lines between jumps (or at least during the last pack job of the day!). It’s a simple technique and an easy one to do – make time for it and see the results!

And while you’re at it, check the wear of your lower brake-lines as well. They get the most use so may need changing before the rest of your lineset. Check out our blog post 21 ways to keep your canopy looking good for tips on how to keep your canopy in tip-top condition.



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The Beginner Series | Preparing your canopy for your packer


Get on your packer’s good side and make sure you get the best buttery openings every time (or at least packed first). These tips and tricks will make you the favourite customer no matter your experience level!

P.S. Never hand over your canopy to your packer in a tangled mess. Our Testies did a livestream on how to untangle your canopy with a few basic tips to get you started. And always do a continuity check to make sure there are no step-throughs after you have laid your canopy down. Your gear is your responsibility.



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The Beginner Series | Your Everyday DZ Kit


The necessary and the nice-to-haves for your everyday DZ gear bag! If you’re starting out and getting together your go-to-kit, here’s what we reckon should go in it.

Something to also think about is what food and drink you need for a day of jumping. Alethia Austin (founder of the legendary LSD camps) did a webinar on managing your energy levels and an essential part of that is staying hydrated and well-nourished. Watch the video here and read the blog here. As a beginner skydiver, you have plenty of sensory overload to deal with, so make sure to keep those energy levels high.



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The Beginner Series | How to pack your canopy


We all remember those hard yards slogged to learn to pack when you’re a beginner skydiver. But even if you’re more experienced some of these tips and tricks might serve as a good reminder for your pack jobs for the upcoming season!



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The Beginner Series | Kite your canopy


We are all weather hold current after the year that was 2020. Despite everyone’s best efforts, it’s possible 2021 will go the same way. However, we are ever the optimists down here in New Zealand! And we will always find a way to have fun. If you didn’t try to kite your canopy out of pure desperation last year, it’s time to give it a go on a windy day. You’ll learn stuff, have fun and it’s free!



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The Beginner Series | Improve your openings


Our Testies impart some of their knowledge on ways to improve your canopy’s openings. Yeah, body position has a lot to do with it (just ask any packer), but there’s a few other factors that could be the cause of a bad opening. Try these techniques out to see if they make a difference. If you’re still getting scenic openings, get your rigger to check your canopy over. And if you have the best openings, don’t change anything! You’re doing great already.



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