Kraken Review: A Kraken Good Wingsuit Canopy

July 25, 2019

The Kraken has finally been released! Almost the longest product release in Icarus Canopies (now JYRO) history (beaten only by Petra’s infamous 3 year debut), this is the wingsuit canopy you have literally been waiting years/your whole life for. We asked some of our experienced wingsuit fliers to review the Kraken. It’s a very exhilarating time according to Woody… something about dunking heads into toilets??? Eh, read on to find out.


She is no longer just a thing of myth…she’s made of cold, hybridised, low-pack-volume ZP (no F1-11 to be found!) and she’s ready to fly off the shelf and out the door. Her buttery openings and unprecedented flare characteristics are waiting for you. We hope you’re ready to have a Kraken good time under canopy.

Here’s what some of our wingsuiting friends and beta Icarus (now JYRO) Test Jumpers have to say about this legendary wing…


Woody’s hard to miss with his infectious personality, fluoro coloured wingsuit and ear-to-ear smile (he also wears a host of weird and wonderful sunglasses). He’s been jumping for 14 years and has around 3250 skydives and 650 BASE jumps. After starting out super keen on freeflying, he at some point watched a whole lot of wingsuit BASE videos on YouTube while on acid and decided that is what he wanted to do.

Since then he pretty much hasn’t jumped without a wingsuit on. Last time he tried jumping without one he claims to have looked like a cross between a baby giraffe trying to walk and a turtle stuck on its back. From XRW to flocking or free flying, this guy seriously just loves wingsuiting. Coaching and load organising provides him with a perfect way to share with others all the mistakes and bad decisions he’s made so that they don’t do the same.


I’ve been jumping the Kraken for roughly two years now and truly love this wingsuit canopy.

A quick search of returned a few definitions for the term The Kraken, which I find relevant in describing the amazing qualities of this canopy, and so would like to share…

Kraken: A spiced rum that gives the drinker false confidence in their abilities.
Relevance: The canopy’s on heading performance is sooo consistent, it will lead you to believe you’re an awesome wingsuit pilot, and ready to upsize wingsuit and downsize canopy.

The Kraken: A sex move performed in the restroom of a bar or nightclub. While you partner is orgasming, dunk their head in the toilet, and flush.
Relevance: Flying this canopy is also a very exhilarating past time.

Release The Kraken: An expression of bravado used when revealing ones penis for intercourse.
Relevance: The canopy is very pretty, and you too will be very proud to pull it out and show everyone.

If you’re a serious wingsuit pilot, you should definitely fly The Kraken.


Hayden’s like your cross between Captain America and Crocodile Dundee, if either one of those wore a wingsuit. Often seen shirtless on a dropzone (when not in a straightjacket) and occasionally seen wearing an Akubra (Australian cowboy hat) in a swoop pond, this Australian turned honorary Kiwi started skydiving in 2003 with the aim of getting into BASE.

He has spent his 8725 jumps (4500 of which in a wingsuit) load organising/coaching at over 60 boogies worldwide and has been a canopy tester and NZA (now JYRO) sponsored athlete since 2008. Hayden currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand with his partner Steph and son Loki. He spends his days as the course director of the NZ Skydiving School passing on his love of skydiving to his students.


One of the best aspects of the Kraken are her consistent openings. She is on heading and forgiving whether you are opening in a full wingsuit flare or at terminal from a freefly jump. I’ve not had to worry about rushed pack jobs or having her packed by students as I have full faith she will open beautifully.

I love the vented slider as it gives great centre cell inflation and therefore the best on-heading openings from any Icarus canopy I’ve flown. My mind is at ease with AFF jumps knowing that if I have to pitch low I will always have a great opening; a big plus in an unpredictable situation.

The Kraken is soooo responsive, not only on toggles and risers, but also in the harness – awesome for a Wingsuit canopy, which are traditionally a bit more docile on inputs (READ: a bit less fun).

It has a great flare and I can land on risers if I want (and I do want!), however it is equally as good with a low ground speed and landing with a toggle flare.

The small pack volume is a valuable attribute, allowing me to opt for the bigger canopy for wingsuit purposes, whilst having it still fit in my normal container. Win win.

I LOVE the fact that if I want to swoop it or do a blindman I can!

“Must have been a bad body position” – said no one ever with the Kraken.

Cons: It’s not a Petra 😉


Steve is probably best known for his Fuck Scotty slider and having the cheekiest smile in the game – and the fact that he’s an all-round standup bloke. He started jumping in 2011, has just under 1000 jumps, about 650 wingsuit jumps and is into all things wingsuit from coaching, XRW, competing at worlds and everything in-between. He’s also been known to jump slick every now and then….and mostly lands on the DZ. Mostly.


I have been jumping the Kraken for over a year and I love it!

It has the NZ Aerosports (now JYRO) opening goodness that will make all your mates jealous when they see your sweet sweet footage!

Even when taking off the wingsuit for some cheeky freefly jumps the Kraken is at home.

It has a flare for days – perfect for the off DZ adventure and landing in tight spots 😉

The new low pack volume material is a dream to pack.

That’s a wrap…drop that mic. If you’d like to know more, check out the Kraken product page for design features, flight characteristics, our wingloading chart, photos, videos and more.

You can also order from stock here.


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