JYRO Parachute Fabric: New & Improved

May 2, 2024

It’s not everyday that we make big changes here at JYRO Headquarters. However, this has been in the works for a number of years now. After receiving feedback from our customers, dealers & athletes, we made the move to a new and improved ZP fabric. Read on to find out more about JYRO parachute fabric.

Say Hello to J²: The New & Improved JYRO Canopy Fabric

At JYRO, we don’t do ordinary. We’ve taken a jump forward with our ZP fabric, co-developing a better version. Because why settle for good when you can be 1% better every day? And, you know, maybe 12% better just for kicks.

There were many rigorous lab tests – air permeability, tensile strength, wear, stretch – and extensive real-world trials from our Kiwi local, to dropzones worldwide.

And then we went WILD. We took this bad boy out into the real world, pushing its limits in every imaginable condition. From tandem jumps to swoops, in the Aussie outback red dirt, in and out of many ponds, and on soft grassy swoop-worthy fields. And we unearthed what we think is a fabric that outperforms on every front.

Meet our revamped 30 denier rip-stop nylon, silicone-coated on both sides – we call it J². This fabric is not just stronger and less stretchy, it’s built to go the distance.

Of course, transitioning wasn’t going to be a breeze, but we wanted it to be seamless. No mixing fabrics here – we managed different colour stocks and ensured every step was traced. We didn’t stop at ‘good enough’. We doubled down on quality, scrutinising every roll from our supplier to ensure consistency. Spoiler alert: it was consistently amazing!

We are stoked to announce that all new JYRO canopies are decked out in our new material: fabric J². Hope you love it as much as we do!


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