JYRO Boogie 2023

June 24, 2023

What.A.Week. JYRO Boogie 2023. It goes without saying, what happens at Farm, stays at Farm. Needless to say, it was a lot of skydiving, fun and serious epicness. Rather than give you a play-by-play account of what happened, we asked some of our JYRO Athletes to give feedback. We think they had a good time…


JYRO Boogie 2023

Max Manow

JYRO Boogie! What a blast! It’s been years and since the last time I’ve been to Australia, and exactly 10 years since my first and last time at funny farm. We were blessed with 5 days of perfect weather and a crew of staff, coaches and participants that couldn’t have been better. The vibe was unparalleled! A bunch of passionate flyers Meeting in the middle of nowhere to get their feet (or all of the rest of the equipment) wet in the pond. What more can you ask for!

JYRO put an amazing event on. I think the thing I almost enjoyed the most was the absence of phone reception which forced all of us to talk to each other and get to know each other. I am very glad I made the effort to travel around the world to enjoy this unforgettable event and I hope to come back soon.

Thanks to Roger and Luci (JYRO), all of the helping hands on the ground and in the air and all the participants for making my time their so special. Words can’t do it justice and I truly am incredibly grateful for the invitation!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Cornelia Mihai

JYRO is more than just a name, a person or a brand …for me …is family and the boogie was again a family get together. This time we got together at the legendary Funny Farm and it was the holiday I never knew I needed. Badass passionate people sharing good times …there…present in the moment. Such a unique experience!

Peter ‘Irish’ Sutton

BEST EVENT EVER, Seriously, I’ve never laughed so much in my life, simply the best people, best company, best jumps and best place in the world. I could honestly do JYRO Boogie every week of the year, literally still laughing now while writing this post remembering the convos around the fire.

Matt Boag

JYRO Boogie 2023 ! What a ride! Holy shit from the beginning of October to when it started in May it was huge!

After organising funny farm for a few years now, I honestly never would have guess it could be done this big. But the team at JYRO had this vision and it was so fun to help make it a reality with the team. Well done Luci and her team, Jyro would be so proud to see it.

Amy Jamieson

JYRO Boogie, what an event to be a part of! I have never seen so many coaches and so many participants in one spot in Australia. For 5 days straight I got to jump with skydivers who came from near and far and let me tell you, the more people I meet in skydiving, the more I realise how amazing our community is and how much I love this throwing ourselves at the planet shit.

I’ll keep this short, but a recollection of my week goes something like this: angles, swooping, wet shoes, wet everything, long drops, missing coaches meetings, being surrounded by my literal idols in skydiving (Cornelia I’m looking at you), more angles, a questionable tablecloth act on talent night (don’t ask) (or do?), more wet shoes, a New Zealand head down record attempt, more missing coaches meetings (sorry Roger), jumps with more froth than the whipped cream slide, and to top it all off, on my last jump of JYRO I had the absolute privilege of being on Luci’s 400th jump, a wingsuit rodeo!

I am beyond impressed with the organisation of the boogie, the workers, the volunteers, the media team, the participants, the coaches and the sponsors. You guys are fucking awesome. Thanks for having me JYRO! I promise I’ll turn up to the coaches meetings if you ever have me back.

Zack Rosser

Holy moly, JYRO Boogie. I don’t think you can explain JYRO Boogie in a small paragraph, but this was probably the best boogie I have ever attended hands down! The HP flocking jumps I did was some of the best I’ve been a part of and visually seen, we created something pretty beautiful in the sky. 

The boogie was so more rewarding for me being able to take such a wide range of experience level. From Luci, Nicky and Shai on their first flocking experience, touching end cells and hearing them scream with excitement is what makes it all worth it and the reason we do it! Being honoured to take Miff, Attila & Rich, the pioneers of our sport and then with all the JYRO athletes, a group of individuals with ridiculous amounts of talent was incredible to be a part of. 

Throughout the boogie the inner feeling of community between all the athletes and JYRO team was at an all time Fkn high and you could sense the love for the sport, each other and the company rebrand was flowing through everyone as we all put our best foot forward to create new content for the release and present JYRO in the best way possible, even if that meant having Jager shots for breakfast around the campfire as we saluted the sunrise and conclusion of the boogie!

And a Thank You Letter from Roger Mulckey

Later Australia. It’s been a wild six weeks. I land back in Munich and back to the family in a few hours but I really need to say a big thank you to all of these companies and people.

JYRO | www.jyro.com

Major sponsors obviously, but without this company’s help, the event wouldn’t have had the ability to be this size. They knew what they wanted, and we did our best to deliver. It was a pleasure to see Luci take the reins and steer the company in this new direction under the watchful eyes of the old faithfuls.

Manufactory | www.manufactoryapparel.com

These guys brought Max Manow over. They paid for his flights from Europe and internal ones in Australia. Hired a campervan and covered his salary. Plus, they have been the biggest individual sponsors to FunnyFarm (other than JYRO for JYRO Boogie) to date and want to keep working with us for future events. This is great news for future FunnyFarms.

APF | www.apf.com.au

The APF have always contributed to FunnyFarm, but the amount varies year to year. This one though, they contributed a considerable amount and it helps so much. Hopefully they can see the value that we are adding to the skydiving community and the support continues.

Downward Trend | www.downwardtrend.com.au

Bretto bought his own container and put it on the Farm just so he could provide a full service rigging to people out there. Ask anyone who had a mal this week and were back up and jumping pretty soon after how good that service is. He gear checked everyone at the event’s equipment before operations started!! Quite a feat on it’s own.

HTS Constructions | www.htsconstructions.com

A company that has absolutely no benefit in supporting us. They are “An integrated construction and project management company for remote area infrastructure”. I don’t think anyone at FunnyFarm or JYRO will be securing them in the near future, but these guys just love skydiving and seeing it progress. They covered the wages for the Burn team so we could have good day tapes and a sick final edit (Pressure is on Burn).

IFLY Gold Coast | www.ifly.com.au/locations/gold-coast

Matt Boag from Australia. Thank you iFly Gold Coast for Matt for the week. He does so much for this event for around six months before anyone gets there. Then works his arse off to make sure that everyone is catered for during the week.

IFLY Downunder | www.downunder.iflyworld.com.au

This team sent us Amy Jamieson. It’s great to see how well she takes everything in her stride and how quickly she achieves her goals. She’s proof that putting the work in gets the results, although she’s not that good at turning up to coaches meetings. She missed three out of the four we had. Solid effort.

Melissa Lislie | No website, because she isn’t trying to sell anything!!

She paid for Martin Dedek’s flight just so we could have an extra international coach. This is the first time I’ve seen this happen at Farm from a participant.

UPT | www.uptvector.com

UPT has been paying for an airfare for a coach now for over ten years of FunnyFarms. This year they covered Petter’s airfare from Sweden. The list of coaches they’ve assisted us with over the years is amazing. They’ve made sure we keep an international flavour at our event.

SQPC | www.sqpc.org.au

Again, another supporter of the event since conception. Much appreciated.

The Farm Team Pre Event

All things admin: Tracy Scott – Everything is sorted and compiled. Funding applications submitted, paperwork completed, idea’s bounced off and a general calming influence on my erratic intentions or thoughts leading up to the event, and after it for a couple of months.

Coaches and Participants: Matt Boag – He knows everyone, he knows their skill level and their ability to fit in and fly successfully in the right groups. As mentioned above, I feel like every coach and participant is lucky to have him put his efforts into ensuring that this side works.

Farm manager: Erica Tadokoro – Noodle is the main reason that the grounds look good when everyone turns up, Jess has the right food on hand in easy access areas and all the coaches have somewhere to sleep. She has been back and forth from the farm for around six months to water and mow the grounds and help build new cabins, sheds and anything else we decided was needed. She has contributed the most out of anyone’s time ever over all the years of FunnyFarm to make sure it’s the spot that we all love to go.

The guy who fixes everything: Nathan Potter – the reason that all the machinery stays working. He drives a lazy 8 hours to service equipment on his off shifts from the mines. I often don’t know that something wasn’t working until it comes up in a later conversation about things that he has already fixed.

If any of these people pulled out of the event, I feel like I would have to as well.

The Farm Team during the event

The above mentioned don’t stop when the events start. Tracy keeps all the loads going and deals with everyone’s shit all day. Matt ensures that all participants are catered for with LO’s. Potter just fixes everything that thought about breaking down and Noodle is making sure that the pre-planning of the event is what’s going on during the event.

Irish the MC

This guy brings us all together every night. We’ve done a few nights without him and they aren’t the same. Talks a lot of shit, but sometimes worth listening too.

DJ Snuze

Made sure we had the right sound system and ensured we all had mad tunes to listen to all week. I feel sorry for anyone who didn’t see him in his element this week. What a talent. Great to see him do all of this and juggle a family too. That’s not easy. Good on you Kimmy for coming out as well and being a part of it. And Rambo… what do you say. He makes you think that having kids is easy…

Jess Bush

Wow. I couldn’t imagine the task of feeding 5 people without a nervous breakdown. To watch how she dealt with 200 people this year is absolutely incredible. The food was always so good, and she was always so happy… and can entertain. I wasn’t expecting that on talent night.


Poo, Angry, Cormac, Helmy and Keith. No Brainer, Too easy


Jessie Warren. His neck and back must have a new shape from the amount of time he spent looking up this week. He ensured that all canopies were accounted for and no loads dropped on top of each other. Not an easy task, but handled it so well. This is one position that I have to trust the person doing it, and he is the right guy for the job.


They spent all day filling planes. Benny made his own dance party over there and I’m sure he was the reason that all loads made it to the boarding area ten minutes early as they just wanted to hang out in his environment. He won’t be easy to replace if he starts jumping.


Just because he was a legend all week and is such a helpful guy. Such a good vibe to be around and such a positive energy. We’re thinking of moving Benny into this position next time if you take a jumping slot.

Burn Media (Tommy, Dave and Ati) and Cam Puttee

There is so much quality content this year. We don’t know what to do with it all! Hopefully the media and marketing people do.

Trent Eccles

It was so good to watch this guy flying around canopies and getting the shot. It’s extremely satisfying when a new guy turns up and gels with what’s going on. He had all the canopy pilots trust in a matter of hours which gave us the opportunity to get some of the best pond footage I’ve seen to date. It certainly helps when there are some of the best canopy pilots using the pond that I’ve seen to date as well.


Who doesn’t love paramedics. Jason had professional help quicker than any jumper at any DZ at any time with the paramedic jumpers we had on hand, who are all willing to be available to look after all of us.
By the time the on duty paramedics turned up from Goondiwindi, he was in a pelvic splint and as comfortable as possible after being carried back on our own back stretcher. All of his vitals were recorded and monitored and a chopper was on the way within five minutes of his accident.
When he was airlifted out, we had a pretty good idea that he had no spinal injuries and no internal injuries. The news crews weren’t as sure though if you go by their reports. All of this equipment has been gradually built up donated by these guys over the years of running events. And the follow up support for him is pretty heart-warming too. Nice work IFLY and team.

Greg Whitehead

Booked and paid for a slot, then volunteered for the week when we needed help!!

Miff and Poo

They have looked after me and guided me in a certain way since the very early days of Farm. They also always had more ratings than me and were more at risk of losing them due to some of the dumb shit we did loooong ago, but were still happy to come and support me and events there. I really enjoyed seeing them turn up there this year as old farts with a good view on skydiving and the community that we all have.


Holy shit!!! What a line-up. I recall the first coaches meeting on the deck and just looked around. This was an insane group of people to cater for six participants each. 1 coach to 6 people and we had 130 paying punters. We had so many coaches that by the end of the week, there weren’t enough jumpers to use them all. Noah Bahnson, Petter Mazetta, Cornelia Mihai, Max Manow, Matt Leonard, Martin Dedek, Robin Jandle, Matt Boag, Ryan Dudderidge, Tayne Farrent, Reed Ramage, Leigh McCormack, Scott Hiscoe, Rob Wylie, Amy Jamieson, Jeremy and Vinnie Brazier, Gary Alpharoski, Zack Rosser and Woody (I really hope I haven’t missed any).

If you feel like the thank you list is long, it is. We had over 55 staff cater for 130 people.

This has been one of the most satisfying events to have hosted. I have spent so many hours visualising all of the details and hoping that I had the logistics correct, but to be honest, five days of perfect weather definitely helped. It felt good to see canopies in the sky every five minutes and feel the community camaraderie every night.

And of course, it’s amazing to see everyone leave. Hope to see you all there again…. sometime… maybe…

canopies flocking in formation flying towards golden sunset at jyro boogie 2023

Photo & Video Credits

Feature image & article images all by the amazing Cam Puttee. Check out his Insta here. He took a bunch more photos, so head to our Facebook for the album. This guy has skills and is fast becoming one of the best skydiving photographers in Australia.

JYRO Boogie 2023 video edit by the BURN fellas. Mmmmmm, slow mo canopies in flight. JYRO logos popping against a blue sky backdrop. Flocking, freestyle, zooming, wingsuit freefly. You name it, we did it. Watch the vid. That is all.

The final publication of Australian Skydiver Magazine (ASM) has a fabulous article by Tracey Scott. Read it here. You can either skip to page 23 for the JYRO Boogie article or have a read of the whole thing – it’s the last one ever.


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