World Meet 2016: A short story by Jyro

Marika Taumoli
February 5, 2018

Jyro may have been known for his innovation and canopy design, but what is less known was his amazing storytelling skills. Have a read below for his experience from the World Meet in 2016. It’s short 😉

Attila & Jyro’s World Meet 2016

So there we are… Skydive Chicago world championships 2016. Attila was there with his whole family and I was recovering from Burning Man… We were there to relax, recover, catch up with old friends and celebrate our friends wins.

Belgium was going good in 4-way. They were winning but not happy with their scores. Knowing Attila and I operate NZ Aerosports (now JYRO) they knew we had total competence, lightning-fast thinking and could pull anything off. They reached out and asked for some help with their engineering and dirt diving. All we wanted to do was relax but we decided to be good sponsors and give them a hand.

We tidied their work a little and they started to pull ahead a little more. Fussy bastards still weren’t happy. Next Minute it’s Round 6. They’re in the fucken lead but a couple of busts and that pesky airspeed team might be in. The Belgium boys came to us and asked for more help – what could we do?

Clearly I was good at point guy but hadn’t jumped in 10 years. Attila is a good Centre, and Point and they needed help. Ehh! we were just there to relax! Andy’s jumpsuit didn’t fit, so Attila had to go Rear Float. We did some creeping and then snuck away for a beer. I was shitting myself not having jumped for so long, but really wanted to help the boys out.

Wearing their G3’s to the plane so we wouldn’t be recognised was a bit weird, but all worked out. Attila was lightning fast out the door! Laser instant eye contact together and we were on. The Belgians were a bit slow to get going and we needed to nurse their fall rate a little. But we picked them up and wound up the pace through their jump. You could see them getting it. By break off, I was fucked! I hardly tracked and just dumped.

I’ve never jumped a JFX before ever. What a stunning opening, what a relief, I couldn’t believe the light toggles and beautiful turns. Then when I came to land – christ what a powerful casual flare! Attila actually designed the JFX. I’d designed like 20 canopies before so didn’t want to say anything to him but fuck it was good!

Hayabusa was so wrapped they asked if we’d help again on round 10. All we wanted to do was relax… But ok.

This round they were a bit more onto it. They got the pace and got into the groove. I wasn’t so scared (beer mostly) so looked up to watch the JFX opening. Man! What a stunning canopy! The SkyArt was absolutely beautiful with the sun coming through it. The artwork and Belgium colours and Hayabusa were just so complex and amazing.

We landed. We’d just won the world meet.! Attila and I ran away to the Tiki bar so we didn’t get recognised. Then went to relax some more. The Belgians were so grateful they offered us their medals and the Ottley Sword. Attila and I said keep em. Imagine getting that thing through airport security…

So well done Boys. Nice work! Glad we could help… fuck yeah! Nice Skydiving!

Guys, we’ll be available at the next world meet on the Gold Coast Australia if you really need us, but we would prefer just relaxing!


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